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We get this often, “Help us make our KM programs successful. We have one of the best intranet sites money can buy”.

Our response has been simple, aged (like good wine), unchanged (like Monroe’s B&W pictures) – “Technology is just an enabler. Focus on the culture”. This leaves the recipient of our advice even more confused. My posts, going forward will focus on demystifying our advice. I will of course talk about technology and its impact on behavior.

When we say focus on the culture, we largely point to the natural motivations of participation, innovation and dissent. I do not wish to delve into the theoretical constructs here, and I guess you get the idea. I would rather spend time on the things I believe we do, that help us get better.
So, let’s begin on a less serious note.

Young Mindtree minds (less than 30 years) roughly make 70% of our population. People join us from college campuses and other companies – that’s a big number too. Telling them how to enhance the intellectual capital of the company and soliciting their alignment is not very exciting all the time. So we turned to creating cartoons, like the ones that appear on our knowledge boards. See a picture of a knowledge board below – they are positioned right opposite our office elevators.


The impact on people and its adoption has been phenomenal. We discovered a new and exciting way to communicate! I will share them on a brand new section called ‘Cartlog’ on Mindtree Blogs, for the world to see and take away. The term ‘Cartlog’ was derived by us, from the words – ‘cartoon’ and ‘blog’. An innovation, if good enough, can open up many doors and in my opinion, Cartlog is going to set a benchmark for corporate blogging. Cartlogs are aimed at delivering the content through a visual medium, making consumption easier for readers on the go.

I will share with you stories on voluntarism. People volunteer to champion communities, help others in need, participate in activities where they see a larger good; but apparently there is nothing for them in the short term. Our annual nerd-fest, Osmosis, shows better participation each year. How do we make this possible?

I will also talk about innovation. How do we operationalize it? When we say we have a job to do, it does sound boring and is literally synonymous with doing something someone else wants done. Innovation does help drive us out of bed and look forward to the brighter day ahead. Notice the “er” in brighter, that’s the importance of innovation.

Lastly, I will talk about the power of GenY. It is something amazing to find four generations working under the same roof for the first time in the history of work. The IT and ITES industry has a bigger challenge and opportunity at hand given the sheer volumes.

The post that follows immediately is a cartlog, first from the series titled ‘KMed’. Stay tuned and don’t forget to drop in a line. I am waiting to hear your thoughts and comments.

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