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Last week, we announced our plans to rethink how our SAP practice operates as part of our own journey to becoming an automated and intelligent enterprise here at Mindtree. True to our word, I want to take you through what this reimagined SI paradigm looks like. So, let’s start with the why.

From conversations with our customers and working closely with the analyst community, we recognized that customer expectation is shifting dramatically. Embarking on a journey that involves the complete reimplementation (in some cases) of your digital core is a daunting road for anybody therefore they want a partner that reduces risk, brings high quality and all at a reasonable price.

Numbers of certified consultants, impressive customer lists, “amazing culture” and scale are no longer the measure of quality. Every SI in the world can claim these. Our customers at Mindtree want a partner that uses next generation intelligence themselves across their own offerings to accelerate, deliver and run the vision of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise.

How are we going to bring intelligence to our offerings - it’s across three main areas:


Starting with CPG - we’re bringing the experience from our top 20 customers (many of whom appear in the top 100 CPG companies list worldwide) to co-create accelerators on top of SAP’s digital core to reduce your S/4HANA implementation time by up to 35%.

Assured Delivery with artificial intelligence

Our core belief is that companies should be data-driven and the same is true for ourselves. As well as our deployment of project estimation, management and reporting tools today, we’re also bringing our AI bot “REBot” to market in 2019 and 2020 as an additional PMO resource on all of our projects. “REBot” is responsible for:

  • Bringing consistency and experience to all of our estimating models
  • Proactively monitoring our projects and plans
  • Interacting with the teams on the ground in real-time to update plans, risks, issues and, crucially, customer-facing reports.

REBot” is the industry leading core of our AI-Assured Delivery and is powered by SAP technologies and the SAP Solution Manager offering.

Intelligently supported

So we delivery intelligently, why not run intelligently? Our Mindtree managed services team are hard at work and have brought over 519 bots to market as part of our level-1 and level-2 managed services offerings. Why wait 24 hours for an SLA to be fulfilled when the task itself should be automated and offered in real-time. This is how we significantly reduce cost and risk to running your landscape along with our unique offerings around supporting DevOps and rapid innovation environments.

For more on our SAP capabilities and offerings, click here.

Feel free to also reach out to Mindtree experts by writing to us.


About the Author

Brenton O'Callaghan
Global Head of SAP Innovation

Globally experienced SAP expert based in Ireland and I’m currently responsible for creating and bringing our SAP Innovation & Leonardo practice to market. My day job involves helping our customers to solve actual business problems in a rapid fashion using tools such as design thinking, SAP Leonardo and much more. I'm also responsible for exploring how emerging technologies and concepts can be applied within our customer base such as Machine Learning, Blockchain, DevOps and AI.

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