Janet Ann Dorenkott

Associate Vice President - Digital Practices, Mindtree

Janet Dorenkott is co-founder of Relational Solutions, Inc a Mindtree Company. She founded RSI in January of 1996 and was the acting COO and VP of Sales. Relational Solutions specialized in data integration, business intelligence, analytics, data science and big data for their clients. Prior to founding RSI, Janet worked for the business intelligence group of Sybase and was responsible for business development at Network General.

Janet has been a contributing author in the Shopper Technology Institute and has been published in four of their books. She and her company have had published success stories in DM Review, B-eye Network, Consumer Good’s Technology News and others.

Her company has been involved in over 200 data integration and analytics projects including for Energizer, Chrysler, Chase Manhattan Bank, Xerox, Timken Industries, GlaxoSmithKline and Well’s Enterprises.

Janet is also a member of the “Brain Trust Panelist” for “Retailwire” and manages of “The Demand Signal Repository Institute” on LinkedIn.

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