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This is the part in the show where we do a quick recap of what came before. We started this blog series in May, which at this point feels like years ago. There are some hopeful signs—for both the fight to control the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recovery—though not as strong as we would like. Lots of people are spending time trying to define the “new normal”, but the only thing that is certain in our view is there will be no return to the old ways of testing as we know it.

As an aside, it has been great to see the engagement and hear the feedback – with so many of you taking positive steps to change your thought process and reconfigure your strategies going forward.

Previously on our blog -

  • We acknowledged that “Normal wasn’t working” for so many organizations, so why would we want to go back normal? We gathered our determination not to waste the crisis of COVID-19, and instead start adopting principles of quality engineering while striving to take the steps to make our organizations and processes the best-in-class. The companies that get this right will be the best positioned to take share from competitors and be ready for the recovery.
  • In blog 2, I revisited the trials of the maintenance and upkeep of my Old House, and drew parallels to our testing organizations. I urged all of us to put in the time now to make the necessary fixes, or be prepared to fix a much bigger (and more expensive) problem later. We know we can improve testing – it is a matter of carving out the time and resources to start to make the changes now. Seize the moment.
  • In blog 3, The Coach paid you a visit and gave you your halftime speech focused on moving from defense to offense. We gave you your playbook to move to quality engineering. The time has come to create a plan and take charge in driving change.

You don’t want to miss what we have coming

As many of you are aware, we recently kicked off our industry survey on quality engineering, with over 1,000 respondents already, we are excited for the results and the unique insights we will be able to share. We will be reporting back on the findings next month as a follow-up to this blog series. And as they say “that’s not all”, we have an upcoming fireside chat (unfortunately, of course we have to be virtual, but who couldn't use a fireside chat with some good friends right now) that you won’t want to miss. We have some great guests lined up – an IT industry veteran who has accomplished all of the things that we have talked about in this blog series a full two years ago (and lived to tell you about it). We will hear about their journey, as well as their next big initiative. And to give us an overview of the landscape, we will also be joined by a leading industry analyst. Sign up here to get the details first!

Onward and Upward

Every organization needs extremely lean and simplified testing models that employ the minimum amount of human intervention to provide the exact right amount of testing. This imperative has never been a higher priority. So while the holy grail of quality engineering - "always on", autonomous and zero touch – may still be out of reach for many organizations, to quote the well-known (and yes, sometimes cliché), Chinese proverb, “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Where could you be in six months if you start now? Your first step (or your 100th step for those that are already in-flight), starts today! Please email me at to set up your Jumpstart session.

Join us on our upcoming webinar - Transforming QA to Quality Engineering Driving DevOps, where we will have a fireside chat with experts from an industry leading organization and Forrester. Watch this space for more!

Read the previous blogs in this #MakeTestingAwesome series - Normal wasn’t working, Old House and Moving from defense to offense

View my video where I talk on why it is imperative to move to the new testing model


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Chris Manuel
AVP & GTM Global Head – Quality Engineering

At Mindtree, Chris leads a team with one objective - design and implement meaningful DevOps & Quality Engineering solutions that help our clients realize development quality at a speed that matches the demands of their business.

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