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Author: Srinivasa Rao |09/07/09

Leveraging Technical Support for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)

Technical Support needs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are distinctively different from that of their larger counterparts. Product companies in the SMB segment face multiple challenges linked to the products, technical support, service delivery model, and choice of partners. A little bit of support will help these product companies a great deal in taking the right decision in their technical support strategy. This thought process has given rise to this blog. The objective of this blog is to help SMB product companies leverage the benefits of technical support services.

As we start sharing our experiences with you, we also expect to interact with you a lot in the coming weeks and even answer some of your questions and concerns. Even as we talk about some of the common issues, we would like to take up specific queries raised by you to discuss and provide our points of view.

One of our experiences in addressing the technical support needs of an SMB was with Mirapoint. Mindtree will present its experiences with Mirapoint at the Technology Services World 2009 to be held in Las Vegas from October 19 to 21. We look forward to interacting with you if you happen to be participating or visiting the event.


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