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Today’s companies are turning to their Human Resources (HR) departments to help them stay afloat in a sea of changes to business practices, as well as social changes. In the midst of reduced employee engagement, high attrition rates, and a lack of insight into workforce data, HR managers are reevaluating their HR strategies and planning for transformational change.

Traditional strategy and execution methods tend to make HR transformation more of a journey than a destination. If the journey is lengthy, it’s because the methodology makes transformation dependent on requirements elicitation, followed by business process reengineering, and eventually a detailed scope, and selection and implementation of a suitable enterprise resource planning platform.

What if there were a product on the market that could turn the journey into a destination? Of course, the requirements would be a tall order for any application to meet: the product would have to combine social collaboration, mobility, and big data with analytics services to significantly impact efficiency in workforce planning, onboarding, performance management, and compensation and benefits administration. In fact, the very concept of a modern HR operation is transformative.

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) is the ideal solution for companies seeking to transform their fragmented HR landscapes. It’s a one-stop solution that is talent-centric, insightful, and equipped with social and mobile capabilities.

Here are the top four features that make Fusion HCM both a transformation and a destination:

  • Legacy processes go through natural optimization when you move them to Fusion HCM, because the application reimagines business processes.
  • Fusion HCM’s native mobility gives employees freedom for on-the-go navigation to personal information, a company directory, career planner, and more.
  • Because the application is social by design, its collaboration capabilities within the organization and with the external world make a remarkable difference in the employee experience.
  • The digital application experience that allows users to navigate beyond laptops and desktops to mobile devices transforms employee engagement and goes a long way towards simplifying transactions.

Arrive at HR Transformation in 14 – 16 Weeks

Are you ready for an HR transformation with a refreshing timeline of 14 – 16 weeks? The rapid implementation of Fusion HCM or Taleo offers opportunities for immediate business value. To streamline the adoption path and make it more predictable, you need a partner who can tackle end-to-end processes, from cloud-readiness assessment to implementation, maintenance, upgrades, and support.

Mindtree’s Oracle services practice has extensive expertise helping enterprises undergo HR transformation with Fusion HCM and Taleo. Our fixed-scope offerings change the way our clients hire, grow, and retain a workforce. To ensure fast and thorough results, we developed our proprietary implementation framework, mVANTAGE, at our Oracle Center of Excellence.

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