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Every year, Mindtree meticulously develops the Tech Beacon report, which provides emerging technology adoption direction and advice for enterprise IT experts and decision makers. We assemble this guide to help our readers make technology investment decisions that will best address their needs, as well as help them think about future investments in developing tech categories.

Make smart technology decisions using Mindtree Tech Beacon

First, we decide which emerging technologies we believe will have an impact on the domains we service. We then assess them by working on various customer projects, internal solutions and IP and by comparing and contrasting them with similar technologies in the space.

To guide our readers through all the information, Tech Beacon groups technologies into three categories: Invest, experiment and watch.

  • “Invest” recommendations are for trending, production-ready technologies that can provide value in the immediate future by helping businesses meet consumer demands, improve support or enhance performance.
  • “Experiment” technologies haven’t been adopted in the mainstream, but have strong potential and are generating industry excitement about future capabilities.
  • “Watch” technologies aren’t being used at an enterprise level, but they have great promise based on their architecture and momentum, making them worth keeping an eye on as they mature.

As business needs and consumer expectations evolve, architecture patterns shift to fulfill demand. In our report, we identify three patterns that are driving technology:

  • Interaction within/between systems
  • Information-to-insight
  • Interaction with systems

Tech Beacon then gets into the really exciting part—seven focus areas of technology:

  • Application development
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Conversational apps
  • Blockchain
  • eXtended reality

As an example of how Tech Beacon assesses technologies, let’s look a little deeper into the designations for artificial intelligence.

Tech Beacon Artificial Intelligence-Make smart technology decisions using Mindtree Tech Beacon

Invest: Alexa

Alexa has become increasingly popular and is now a household name. Its ability to learn and become smarter over time as people use it, combined with its high consumer demand, firmly places the technology in the “Invest” category.

Experiment: Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly turns text into human speech and could be used alongside other rapidly developing applications to drive new categories of speech-enabled solutions. It’s an established and growing technology that’s trending in consumer popularity, making it worth experimenting with.

Watch: PyTorch-BigGraph

PyTorch-BigGraph is designed to learn graph embeddings for large web interaction graphs. Since it hasn’t been widely adopted yet, it’s something to keep an eye on as the technology evolves.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of emerging technologies is a top priority for Mindtree. I highly recommend exploring the entire report to discover which emerging technologies could be most relevant to your business.

Download this year's edition of Tech Beacon.


About the Author

Madhusudhan KM
Senior Vice President – Chief Technology Officer

Madhusudhan (Madhu) has over 23 years of experience in IT industry. As the Chief Technology Officer, Madhu is responsible for setting technology direction, driving innovation, incubating emerging technologies, evangelizing technology adoption in the context of enterprises and creating a tech-savvy business culture within Mindtree. Madhu has been actively involved as Chief Architect & head of Central Architecture Group at Mindtree over the past 8 years. He has rich experience as technology advisor to customers, in building large/complex solutions and in creating & nurturing high-performance Architecture team. Prior to joining Mindtree, Madhu worked with Misys as Principal Architect in Core Banking division and with Singapore Airlines in various roles in Engineering, Infrastructure, and Enterprise Architecture & IT strategy. Madhu holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Mysore University and Masters in Software Engineering from National University of Singapore.

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