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I just completed reading a report by 451 Research on the impact of AWS on the Infrastructure market – (registration required), it’s a fairly good report.

Another article talks about similar things.

And I had touched upon this in my previous blog article.

Some numbers from the report, IaaS is a $4.5B market, in comparison the Managed Hosting Market is $23B. However, the growth rate of the IaaS is almost twice that of managed hosting. This fast growth in AWS is giving rise to a new class of Managed Service Providers (MSP) who can now provide their services on top of AWS, one such vendor is Datapipe. On reviewing the offerings of Datapipe available on their website, the highlights of the managed services are support, solutions (share point, database etc.) and application management along with onboarding constitutes the core of their Managed Services offerings. Datapipe also provides their own Portal for customers to access their VMs, I applied for a trial account, but haven’t gotten access to their portal yet.

So, is Datapipe a one off company or is this a growing trend? I think that is a growing trend.

One of the basic reasons is that AWS has become increasingly complex. For a company, either a startup or an Enterprise its best to tie up with an MSP who can guide them on the best solution for their requirement. If the MSP can also provide monitoring of the services then the company doesn’t have to recruit IT staff to do the same.

What about Azure? With Azure IaaS,the MSPs have the same opportunity as AWS. Guess a number of these MSPs are dipping their toes into Azure before announcing support for the same.

Well, if you are an MSP and would like to offer managed services on Amazon and Azure, take a look at VMUnify. VMUnify is a platform for you to build your managed services around Amazon and Azure.


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