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Author: Veeraraghavan RK | 07/19/16

Mindtree Named as a Zinnov Overall Ratings Leader in Product Engineering Services for 4th Consecutive Year

Mindtree’s leadership in digital transformation and technology services was recognized for the fourth consecutive year in the “Global Service Provider Report 2015” from Zinnov, a leading globalization and market expansion advisory firm. Zinnov conducted its first global R&D service provider ratings (GSPR) in 2009 and continues to provide objective analysis of the top product engineering service providers across the globe.

Zinnov’s GSPR provides a holistic rating of global engineering service providers based on capabilities, human capital, financials, ecosystem linkages, infrastructure, and client relationships across 13 industry verticals. Mindtree established its leadership by demonstrating an innovative culture, mature offerings, industry specializations and its expertise, across areas like embedded systems and industries including semiconductor, consumer electronics, telecommunications and automotive.

While Mindtree has a presence across all verticals, it was recognized in Zinnov’s GSPR leader zone in Product Engineering Services for overall ratings and in embedded systems area. It was also awarded leader zone in outsourced software development for enterprises and consumers, semiconductors, telecommunication and consumer electronics. Finally, Mindtree was included in Zinnov’s execution zone for the automotive industry.

Inclusion in the GSPR leader zone for four consecutive years reflects Mindtree’s ability to innovate and develop differentiated offerings from concept to go to market. For example, Mindtree was responsible for engineering customized navigation devices for a joint go-to-market product for automotive OEMs.

Mindtree fosters a formal culture of innovation that has resulted in more than 50 in-house IPs and a wide range of tactical innovations. As the world’s first Bluetooth Smart 4.2 IP provider, Mindtree has created silicon agnostic solutions, wearables featuring Mindtree IP, wireless speakers and more. Our expertise in short range wireless technologies helped a leading U.S.-based wireless audio product company design, develop and maintain various Android applications that talk to these products. As a result, Mindtree and the customer co-invented and gained patents for new solutions, and Mindtree took ownership of multiple product lines.

The Zinnov GSPR also recognized Mindtree’s ability to leverage investments in IP into new revenues and build out unique client engagement models like revenue sharing. Mindtree used an advanced revenue sharing model to revive sales of a storage, backup and security solution provider’s product that was considered end of life. After granting license of intellectual property to Mindtree, our experts provided engineering, backline support, documentation, localization and product management to revive a product headed for sunset. Since Mindtree started managing this product in 2009, the product grew from a stagnant $4 million to a $10+ million product today—and its largest installation has grown from 35K agents to 1.4 million for a single customer.

The continued recognition by Zinnov as an industry leader is an important milestone for Mindtree. It demonstrates our consistent growth in key areas and validates our culture of innovation that drives greater value for our customers. You can download the report here.


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