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Travel Wearables will Augment the skills of Human Workers

The imagined applications for wearable technology in the travel and transportation segment are practically boundless. We are already seeing a lot of innovation around wearables in the airline industry. For instance, wearables are being used to assist staff with passenger-related information, to help passengers with searching and booking tickets, to provide flight information (such as flight and boarding status), as well as helping ground and maintenance crews.

Cargo and maintenance personnel from a major airline are testing the use of Google Glass to help inspect airplanes on the tarmac. They capture videos and photos and send them to a central office where technical safety professionals assess an aircraft’s condition. The tarmac staff also receive instructions and checklists for loading and unloading baggage from the wearable device.

In the near future, cognitive computers and voice-controlled intelligent agents (like Siri, Cortana, or Google Now) will interface with wearable devices to augment the skills of the ground staff, helping them identify and act on specific problems.

There are also discussions around how Google Glass can improve the overall in-flight experience for travelers. SWIFT boarding, developed by SITA in collaboration with Google Glass and Vuzix M100, verifies boarding passes and passports.

Wearable manufacturer Garmin D2 has launched a GPS watch designed specifically for aviators to load flight plan information. And Virgin Atlantic has launched a wearable technology pilot scheme in collaboration with SITA to provide personalized passenger information to staff on Google Glass or Sony Smartwatch 2.

Considering the activity already underway in this industry, the travel and transportation segment is poised to be widely transformed by wearables in the near future.

Mindtree Wearables Blog – Travel and Transportation | Shivaprasad

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