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It’s not often that a SAP Business Intelligence Project can be compared to a Hollywood blockbuster. By delivering the ‘impossible expectations,’ as quoted by a certain client, Mindtree has done just this.

Impact of SAP BI for Large Multinational

The project: a high stakes global solution impacting all the client’s business units spanning 60 countries across six continents. With an enormous cast, crew and budget, Mindtree in partnership with the client, set to work. Utilising cutting edge SAP BI technology and in true Hollywood blockbuster fashion, with thrills, spills and a grand finale, Mindtree produced:

  • A reduction in the month end closing process by two days
  • The introduction of governed, global master data standards and controls
  • A huge reduction in time spent on some key business reports from weeks to minutes (Yes, you read that correctly. WEEKS to MINUTES!)
  • A continuation of the data flow availability for 15 downstream applications

The client is a British multinational, with an enviable stable of brands and a growing community of over 40,000 diverse, talented entrepreneurs, all driven to make the world a happier and healthier place. Their vision was to transform the business process of their Global Finance function, thereby allowing the business units to operate with greater accountability and agility. The benefit sought would lend itself well for smoother future growth and acquisitions.

Mission Impossible - Challenges of SAP BI in Large Multinational

The mission objectives, if Mindtree chose to accept them, were simple: to eliminate and solve the client’s current business challenges, and support their capability to change and grow. At the same time, freeing up senior management to make informed decisions and not spend their time and resources preparing the data for analysis, all with minimal business impact. Simple, right? Don’t worry, this message from the business wasn’t going to self-destruct, it was to remain constant throughout.

The immediate business challenges faced by the organisation were:

  • Financial close taking too long
    • Inconsistent processes across business units including:
      • Preparation of management accounts
      • Cost allocations
      • Publishing of statutory numbers
  • Multiple local systems and data repositories
  • Inconsistent Master Data and Governance
  • The existing black box that nobody understood, which led to:
    • Lack of trust in the data
    • Extensive off-line data processing
    • Impossible to realise changes
  • Data based on historical structures led to difficulty:
    • Integrating new acquisitions
    • Modify and improving business processes
    • Enhancements, where possible, were slow and costly to implement
  • Timeliness of the delivery of data
    • Depending on geography
  • Seamless integration with local business unit solutions and systems

Mission Accepted - Implementation of SAP BI in Large Multinational Organisations

By choosing Mindtree early in 2018, the client selected an organisation with proven technical expertise and large programme experience. The delivery team, one of the most experienced ever assembled, had hundreds of years of combined project, solution and industry experience. They would go on to work with relentless dedication, a collaborative spirit and looked to add value and thought leadership throughout the project. The delivery model included a judicious blend of onshore, offshore and landed resources to provide maximum value to the client.

The next episode in the exciting retelling of this grand achievement will follow soon. For sneak previews or to guarantee a front-row seat, please register and select areas of interest from the following options in the ‘Message for us’ section below:

Technology - learn how data was moved in real time from multiple source systems to the data warehouse and how it was harmonised and consolidated

Master Data - the governance and control of master data

User Interaction - the security set up for the solution and the use of Fiori and Business Objects

Integration – the bringing together of the many source and target systems and the various technology platforms used

Finance Processes - how we automated the allocation of costs and management values

Delivery Assurance - how we met the timescales and delivered the programme applying incredible end-to-end testing rigour in all phases

Change Management - how the impact of change to the business was managed

If you really can’t wait, spoilers are available by contacting
Ian Moria
EMEA Head of BI, UK SAP Partner Manager
+44 (0)7880 195573


About the Author

Sandeep Banerjee
Principal Consultant

Sandeep Banerjee is a Principal Consultant in Business Intelligence at Mindtree with a focus on SAP technologies. He has a wealth of experience working on and implementing solutions across a variety of industries globally, primarily specializing in SAP BW and related SAP technologies.

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