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Author: Giridhar LV |06/14/13

Need for Public Cloud – Developers’ view?


In the just concluded Microsoft Hosting Summit, I met service providers, resellers and folks from Microsoft Product teams, who make a cross section of the industry. During the conversations with them, I made sure to talk more about the use cases that VMUnify addresses, rather than the features. The use cases are something that most folks are able to connect with, and comment.

One of the use cases is VMUnify as an Amazon / Azure gateway. On the Enterprise side, we believe that this use case takes care of the rogue IT scenario, where developers go directly to the Public Cloud out-side of the purview of the organizations IT department.

When I mentioned this to one of the folks I met with at the Hosting Summit, he said that, irrespective of doing this, the developers would still go directly to the Public Cloud. This got me thinking of the time when I was still a developer (and that wasn’t long ago), on why I used the Public Cloud. There was only one reason that came above everything else and that was “convenience” – the “convenience” with which I could spin up 300 VMs in 30 minutes, get all the scalability testing done in a week’s time and shut it down. This was something that my IT admin could not give me. It was also cheaper than trying to set up the entire infrastructure ourselves.

During my developer days, if my IT had given me the option to set up this kind of a scalability infrastructure, I think I would have gone for it. I did not really like the option of signing up with the Public Cloud provider by using my corporate credit card, and there was always the uneasiness about the questions that my IT team would throw at me once they realized that they are not monitoring or controlling it.

So, if developers are given an option of unlimited resources by their IT teams in the same way as the Public Cloud Providers, I feel that developers would not have to take up the role of a rogue IT, what do you think? Please share your thoughts.


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