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We participated as an exhibitor at the Parallels Summit 2014 at New Orleans. This was a new city for us to visit and attend a conference. We had got used to equating conferences with Las Vegas or the Bay Area, so in that sense New Orleans was a welcome change. Also, with the summit falling bang in the middle of Mardi Gras, there was a good chance to experience outside of the conference also.

But, I think the welcome change was limited to the city only. From the various talks and the discussions at the conference, it looked like the overall confusion around the Cloud, especially the Infrastructure as a Service platform providers still continues. Including VMUnify, it looks like there are eight IaaS management platforms that are available now or in advanced stages of availability.

From my interactions with the Parallels folks, it looks like IaaS is still a small part of their customers’ business, and with eight of them getting available, it doesn’t look like there is place for all. This along with the news that Parallels is reselling the Cloud Management platform from Flexiant, not sure what will be the play for the other platforms unless there is a clear differentiator. In our case, our support for Amazon and Azure along with the Virtualization platform sets us apart, but is this a large enough differentiator?

Also, how many Service Providers are launching IaaS business and how much of this will be sizeable is an unanswered question.

So, what’s the road ahead for the Cloud Management platforms focusing around IaaS, I think it is to find that True Differentiator quickly, else it will be difficult to stand out in the ever growing pack.

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Giridhar LV
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Giridhar has been in the IT industry for more than 17 years. He is currently the head of VMUnify - a solution that Enables Unified Clouds. Prior to Mindtree he has worked in Novell India. In his career he has led teams that have developed Backup and Recovery Solutions for Windows / Linux and NetWare; NFS Gateway development for NetWare and bed side ECG monitor development. His areas of interest included Virtualization, File Systems, Operating Systems and Entrepreneurship. He is also an author of 2 patent pending applications.

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