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In September, Magnet360 sponsored MuleSoft CONNECT in both Chicago and New York. Both events were well-attended, and we loved meeting and reconnecting with so many integration professionals. In dozens of conversations at our expo booth, some common themes emerged. Organizations expressed concern in three areas: To go faster, enhance some key aspects of integration, and most importantly, to justify their return on investment (ROI).

These three areas are correlated in ways that allow advancement in one area to have a positive impact on additional areas. For example, organizations that struggle to enforce design and documentation governance may be negatively impacted by lower re-use, higher cost of maintenance, and decreased development speed. If the integration design is out-of-date or incomplete, potential consumers or re-users of the integration may opt to start over. A design-first platform like MuleSoft – where up-to-date designs are always maintained, discoverable, and manageable – correspondingly improves re-use, increases development speed, and lowers the cost of maintenance. Each of those improvements ultimately increases ROI.

In November, Magnet360 will have our highly-anticipated presence at Dreamforce 2019. As our Data Analytics & Integration COE Lead, I, Shad Aumann, and Principal Partner Solutions Engineer from MuleSoft, Bill Romano, will be giving a presentation titled “Maximize Integration ROI with MuleSoft.” If you want to learn how MuleSoft helps organizations achieve almost unheard-of ROI, please plan to attend. The presentation will take place at lunchtime on Wednesday, November 20 at Dreamforce. More details of this presentation – including how to sign up and attend – will be coming soon.


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Shad Aumann
Lead, Analytics & Integration COE

Shad Aumann is the Data Analytics & Integration COE Lead at Magnet360, Mindtree's Salesforce practice.

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