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I love painting a vision, it’s what I enjoy doing. Working with customers to understand how we can change their world and reimagine things to build “their business on its best day”. More often than not, this means figuring out how to adopt new technologies and think about areas of the business that would “move the needle” if reimagined.

Usually, it’s all started by a discussion around obsolescence. Even today, I believe that companies that leverage their own data as an asset to drive automation, intelligence and innovation will be the market leaders of the future. Those that don’t, and don’t challenge themselves to remain relevant, will fade into the background as some younger company, that is more agile and hungrier, eats their lunch.

But then, sitting down with my good friend Daniel Wilde, he challenged me on this, and we came to an awesome conclusion. What are we doing, as an SI, to remain relevant? We talk about being data-driven with our customers, but are we data-driven? We talk about customers needing to innovate to remain relevant, but are we? The answer was grey at best.

We then spent several hours debating and testing what the future of the SI world looks like. How will our own industry change over the coming 3-5 years and how does an SI compete in a world where every company is an S/4HANA or data expert. Finally, and crucially, what do we need to do differently today to prepare for and lead this charge.

Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be launching our next generation SAP practice strategy: showcasing what we’re doing now and what’s next as we lead the world into the next generation of the SI industry. Our strategy has been built and tested with customers and the analyst community - we believe this is going to signal the dawn of a new era in which customers can demand and expect so much more from us and the SI world.

Watch this space.


About the Author

Brenton O'Callaghan
Global Head of SAP Innovation

Globally experienced SAP expert based in Ireland and I’m currently responsible for creating and bringing our SAP Innovation & Leonardo practice to market. My day job involves helping our customers to solve actual business problems in a rapid fashion using tools such as design thinking, SAP Leonardo and much more. I'm also responsible for exploring how emerging technologies and concepts can be applied within our customer base such as Machine Learning, Blockchain, DevOps and AI.

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