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Now that we have gotten started with our own parallel universe of Knowledge Services and a very intriguing one, I would like to invite you guys to join me for a webinar on 17th August, 2010. The webinar will focus on – solving business challenges through data analytics.

We’ve all known for some time how data has been an integral part of the overall strategy to facilitate business decisions. Most companies have invested in BI tools to generate various reports across business functions. However, the tools haven’t exactly done wonders at providing insights that could help take the business to the next level.

But a few companies that have indeed deployed intelligent tools like Analytics, have a different story to tell. They have changed their approach to data capturing and employed Advanced Analytics to obtain a much clearer direction to the business growth.

These trends will be highlighted through the success stories that I intend to share at this webinar.

– How a leading industry-leading Fortune 1000 Company utilized Analytics in their businesses to uncover 6 new customer segments and behaviour patterns to provide a complete overview of their customer. This helped them devise and appropriate strategy for marketing and services.

– How the world’s largest GPS and service provider employed Analytics to measure the floating vehicle data and helped organizations to generate insights on traffic problems in the region. As well as create revenue streams using this information.

Some of the other learnings I am going to talk about include –

– 5 best practices companies should give a thought to, before signing up for Analytics.

– How analytics can be outsourced and which model works the best.

– What MindTree has to offer.

I look forward to having you at the webinar. Just click here to sign up.

In the meanwhile you can send in your queries, thoughts, and even your experiences on how Analytics has helped you deal with data more effectively to solve your business challenges.

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