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Author: Manoj Karanth | 02/27/17

The successful cloud journeys of seven industry leaders

In the second blog in this series, we discussed the importance of choosing an experienced anchor partner to guide you on your cloud journey. In this third and final blog, we show you examples of industry leaders that have succeeded at each stage with the help of Mindtree.

Stage 1: Cloud strategy—Leading international airline defines its cloud strategy

A leading airline needed advice on the best approach to the cloud that would align with its strategic business goals. Mindtree provided a clear decision matrix for selecting private and public cloud platforms and vendors. We also created a cloud reference architecture that addressed cloud-first enablement, TCO, governance and management.

Stage 2: Portfolio analysis—Top US business school uses portfolio analysis for AWS success

A well-known US business school needed an experienced partner to assess its existing IT portfolio and create a phased migration plan that would maintain high security. Mindtree created a hybrid cloud reference architecture and migration plan based on application complexity, business need and customer preferences. Ultimately, the school’s move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) enabled it to transition to a predictable operating expense budget with 30% savings, improve application availability and establish an agile foundation for future application development.

Stage 3: Cloud build—Australian ICT builds large Azure architecture

A leading Australian information and communications technology (ICT) provider wanted to provide IaaS cloud services to customers. The provider’s requirements included rapid time to market, integrating OSS and BSS systems with self-service portals, multi-tenancy with isolation, scalability, built-in fault tolerance, and security monitoring with auditable controls. Mindtree provided a Microsoft Cloud OS Network solution using Azure Pack. The cloud solution integrated multiple technologies for northbound connectivity, multi-tenancy, isolation, chargeback and scalability.

Stage 4: Cloud migration—Global food manufacturer unlocks 30% of capital with migration

A leading multinational food producer needed to migrate its data center from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services, involving 700 digital properties for digital marketing operations. It was crucial to mitigate downtime risk with top sites that generated 75% of the company’s traffic volume. Mindtree proposed a strategy and migration sequence for network assets and third-party tools for lift-and-shift scenarios. When complete, the cloud transformation saved the company freed up 30% of its working capital.

Stage 5: Cloud native—Major airport products provider goes cloud native

A leading provider of airport products sought to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by remotely managing its printers, scanners, boarding gates and other devices and systems. Mindtree is building the next-generation platform built on serverless Microsoft Azure products such as Machine Learning, Universal Windows Platform, App Service and Application Insights. The Mindtree solution for redeveloping airport systems will drive personalized traveler experiences, increase market share and launch products faster.

Stage 6: Cloud governance—Auto manufacturer governs digital assets in supply chain

A global auto manufacturer struggled to manage digital assets across different brands and business units. Mindtree delivered a cloud-based integrated platform that eliminated redundancy and improved search, download, reporting and information management. The Mindtree solution upped application availability to 99.5%, increased the user adoption rate by 15% and improved cost optimization by 50%.

Stage 7: Cloud management—Global PaaS outsources cloud management

One of the world’s largest multinational PaaS providers chose Mindtree to build out and manage its services, including auditing, logging and scheduling activities, service performance, quality of service, and SLAs. Mindtree reduced service build out from 60 days to two days – supporting 6000 releases per month while delivering a 24% reduction in operational spend.

What’s next on your cloud journey?

Your cloud journey may just be the most important decision your company makes. Don’t go it alone. Mindtree has helped more than 190 companies across industries and geographies achieve cloud-based digital transformation.

Mindtree collaborates closely to understand your company’s objectives and long-term vision, taking a structured approach to evaluate and derive methods that maximize value from the cloud.

Interested in learning more about how Mindtree can guide your organization to cloud-first success?

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