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Author: Ramanath Shanbhag | 08/20/10

Test Automation – Have you cracked it yet?

Test automation has been here for quite a while and yet the answer to this question is still a tough one for many. Test automation is both exciting and frustrating. It is exciting as test automation offers numerous advantages and frustrating because organizations are not able to achieve the full potential and have to continuously show the return on investment to their senior management.

But, how do we really crack it? Make it work for our needs? Get a better ROI? We do have several questions on automation. As part of this blog series on Test Automation, I plan to touch upon many of these questions and provide you with my experiences of what worked and what did not. I will also lay out few guidelines and recommendations that will help you maximize your returns on test automation.

Please do drop in your thoughts on some of the key topics that you want me to cover in this vast area of test automation, some of your experiences and learnings in using automation.

I look forward for a fruitful discussion on this exciting topic of cracking test automation.


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