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One of my responsibilities as the head of VMUnify is to sell the product. One of the main customer segments for this product are the Data Centers. To start with, we have decided to concentrate in India and the adjoining countries as the first market segment we want to address.

As a part of this, I have been touring Data Centers (DCs) around the country and would like to share my learning with you.

I classify Data Centers in India into three primary types:

1. Resellers
Resellers are typically vendors who do not have much or any infrastructure. These vendors have typically graduated from selling domains and hosting websites. When it comes to VPS, these companies typically rent out either Hardware boxes or individual VPS from bigger Data Centers. These vendors thrive by taking a cut out of each VPS that is rented out.

2. Innovators
Innovators are typically vendors who started as an individual company somewhere in the late 1990’s, again in the website hosting business. These companies also have hitched on the server hosting bandwagon in the early 2000s. They started with dedicated server hosting and have now added VPS to their portfolio. Though these Innovators seem similar to Resellers, what differentiates these companies from the resellers is their keen sense of awareness of the technologies that go into VPSs or in the general Cloud. Almost everyone knows that Virtualization technologies form the backbone to the Cloud, including VPSs, the kind of hardware -software combination that gives the best output and the best billing software to be used. They may also have their own small DCs in India to which they add additional capacity from other DCs in India or abroad. These companies typically use off-the-shelf hardware and software, but are not afraid to try out any “new” software as well, such as VMUnify.

3. Heavy Hitters
Heavy Hitters are the big DCs specialized in providing dedicated servers, co-hosting or VPSs. These are the more recent phenomena in India. Typically, these setups include racks that are close to the hundreds, certified to withstand natural calamities and typically boast of very tight security. Also, most of these big DCs typically have a customized version of the software that is required to provide solutions like VPSs. The driving factor for the Heavy Hitters is to monetize their investment in these setups. They encourage partner solutions such as VMUnify to help in the process.

The one common thing that I have found in my discussions is their optimism at the rate at which the demand for VPSs is growing in India, which is a good sign for us.


About the Author

Giridhar LV
Head - VMUnify

Giridhar has been in the IT industry for more than 17 years. He is currently the head of VMUnify - a solution that Enables Unified Clouds. Prior to Mindtree he has worked in Novell India. In his career he has led teams that have developed Backup and Recovery Solutions for Windows / Linux and NetWare; NFS Gateway development for NetWare and bed side ECG monitor development. His areas of interest included Virtualization, File Systems, Operating Systems and Entrepreneurship. He is also an author of 2 patent pending applications.

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