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Author: Ramanath Shanbhag | 01/22/15

Time to transform to TestOps with a dynamic test delivery platform

My recent presentation at STARWEST on TestOps and dynamic test delivery platform seemed to strike the right chord with the testing leaders in the audience. I was able to use several CIOs and testing heads as a sounding board for the concept of such a dynamic platform.

Several CIOs and testing heads I spoke to agree that the way they are looking at testing is not the same anymore. They are seeing testing in a more transformational role offering cost and go to market advantage along with overall product effectiveness. The crux of their input was in two key things:

  1. SaaS and cloud-based applications are raising the need for seamless integration between development, release management, testing and operations teams. The pressure is on leveraging technology driven “shift left” methodology
  2. On the other hand agile and SaaS testing means continuous testing and a rise in costs
Time to transform to TestOps with a dynamic test delivery platform

How do we address the challenge? Start thinking about TestOps along with dynamic test delivery platform. TestOps is becoming vital to have a continuous test delivery platform, which bundles SaaS and services adoption.

In my interactions with the testing leaders, all demanded the following from the dynamic test delivery platform:

  • Ensure successful testing transformations and large-scale business as usual services testing
  • Provide quicker access to test environment and enable effective collaboration between development, test and operations teams
  • The tool and delivery platform agnostic with plug and play architecture should enable organizations to easily execute their end-to-end testing needs
  • The best feature should be collaboration between distributed teams and broadcast of application health dashboards to everyone involved

TestOps with a dynamic test delivery platform is something that every testing team would expect especially when the future is in Cloud and agile.


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