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Use Marketing Cloud to drive growth and audience engagement in Community Cloud

The following post was originally published by Magnet 360, a Mindtree company and Salesforce Platinum Partner that specializes in driving audience engagement to ensure meaningful business outcomes.

You’ve invested in Salesforce Community Cloud. Congratulations! Members of your audience can now share information, leverage their own and others’ knowledge, and take care of many of their own needs. But are you sure you’re getting the most out of Community Cloud?

The value of Community Cloud lies in audience engagement. If customers aren’t making enough use of the social, knowledge and self-service components of your community, then you’re letting growth opportunities die on the vine.

That’s where Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help. By using marketing automation in combination with usage data from Community Cloud, your company can garner greater audience engagement.

Maximum engagement adds value, creates opportunity

The more engaged your audience, the more receptive they’ll be to content and messages from your company. But it takes communication to build engagement in the first place. Marketing Cloud is an excellent platform for delivering content to the community that not only adds value to your audience’s relationship with your company, but also reminds them to participate along the way.

The content creation capabilities in Marketing Cloud enable you to create engaging, targeted emails that guide your audience through an effective journey with your brand. Community Cloud usage, on the other hand, offers opportunities to collect comprehensive data that helps complete a 360-degree view of the customer. This expanded information opens the door to more specific, targetable opportunities for sales and marketing engagement.

When used in conjunction with Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud becomes a considerably more powerful tool for audience engagement. It provides the data that Marketing Cloud needs to connect with your audience and create opportunity.

Resurrect ghost users

You know those users who used to be there and then just disappeared, ghosting you? Maybe they haven’t logged into Community Cloud for 30 days, 60 days or even longer. You can use Marketing Cloud to help lapsed users reengage by automating messages that invite them back to the community. Once they’re engaged again, the same tactics can keep them participating actively and help prevent them from disappearing in the future.

Target audience interests

When it comes to users who are already engaged, Community Cloud can help identify particular areas of interest or desire for further knowledge. The ways in which users engage with the community can make sales opportunities more apparent. If a user engages the community about one of your brand’s products or services, this provides an opportunity to reach out with updates, complementary products or whatever the next best offer may be. Marketing Cloud can help leverage this information by creating user-tailored content on brand-related topics that will help users along their journey.

Engage your most important audiences today

Community Cloud is a powerful tool, but its power depends on audience engagement. Marketing Cloud is a power-boosting solution that can drive audience engagement.

Want to see your engagement grow? Contact Magnet 360, a Mindree company, to start growing the value of your Community Cloud investment.


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