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The VMUnify team participated at VMworld 2013 as an exhibitor. Our theme at the booth was to show that we could setup a Hybrid Cloud in under a day. Apart from booth duty we could also get to attend the key note sessions. Here is our perspective on what we heard from VMware execs as well as the visitors at our booth.

VMware’s big announcements were the VCloud Hybrid Service or vCHS and NSX or Network Virtualization.

vCHS is VMware’s first foray into the Public Cloud space. Its approach is however, completely different from the other vendors like Amazon, Azure and Rackspace, starting from the way to order for the resources. There is no portal like Amazon or Azure to sign up, pay with a credit card and get started. Instead, keeping with how Enterprises work with vendors, there needs to be a PO created first. With the PO in place, the vCHS team will provision the infrastructure and make it available to the Enterprise. I would say this work flow is similar to a data center providing colocation, except that the colocation is in the Virtual form. An enterprise has two options, either shared or dedicated. If it’s shared, my guess is that you get a resource pool on which you can create the VMs, and if it’s dedicated you get a set of hypervisors, not sure if the vCenter is common in the second approach.

NSX is the Nicira technology getting into a product form. The promise is tremendous. The ability to create network templates similar to VM templates and provision them will be huge. However, I think understanding the promise is going to take time. I propose to spend the next few weeks exactly trying to understand how this works and how to use it.

And we did learn a lot from the visitors at our booth. We had a few hundred visiting us and here are a few stats:

  1. Almost 90% were Enterprises.
  2. 80% of the visitors used only VMware hypervisors, no other hypervisor.
  3. 90% of the visitors used vCenter / vSphere and nothing else, the rest 10% had deployed vCloud-Director.
  4. About 10 -15% of the visitors used VCOPS in addition to vCenter / vSphere.
  5. The next step in the evolution of Infrastructure Management was termed as Automation, point to note is that it was not mentioned as Cloud.
  6. Automation of daily tasks like VMCreation, Software installation etc. was mentioned. This was validated by the huge number of visitors to the Puppet booth adjacent to ours.

This basically means the Cloud is still not a reality within most Enterprises. The Enterprise pain point is more around getting more things automated. Our interaction with Enterprises in other conferences have shown that the Public Cloud usage is picking up rapidly, but within an Enterprise, I think the short term winner will be a solution that does automation and efficient infrastructure management.

Do the readers agree?


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Giridhar LV
Head - VMUnify

Giridhar has been in the IT industry for more than 17 years. He is currently the head of VMUnify - a solution that Enables Unified Clouds. Prior to Mindtree he has worked in Novell India. In his career he has led teams that have developed Backup and Recovery Solutions for Windows / Linux and NetWare; NFS Gateway development for NetWare and bed side ECG monitor development. His areas of interest included Virtualization, File Systems, Operating Systems and Entrepreneurship. He is also an author of 2 patent pending applications.

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