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In today’s digital age, highly connected consumers enjoy increased levels of access to information at the touch of a button. Digest this – B2B customers today progress more than 70% of the way through the decision-making process (researching about brands, competitors, prices, and more) before even engaging a sales representative. And when they do engage with a salesperson during the last phase of the decision making process, they have high expectations.

Alarmingly though, over 55% of salespeople lack key sales skills, with 40% of salespeople rating lead prospecting as the most challenging part of the sales process, followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%) leads. The fact that modern businesses frequently introduce new products and services to keep pace with evolving customer demands only magnifies the sales complexity. To top it all, today’s employees are able to devote just 1% of their time to sales training.

So how can organizations empower their sales force with the right knowledge and sales training to better engage with customers, without taking them off the field/shop floor?

How Microlearning helps Sales Enablement

Figure 1: How Microlearning helps Sales Enablement

Switch to microlearning and reinforcement techniques for sales enablement success

Microlearning refers to bite-sized courses (typically under five minutes) that can be delivered anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The short duration and easy access of microlearning modules makes it the perfect solution for sales training as personnel can access these courses right at the time and point of need or in their free time (while traveling/waiting for meetings, etc.) Here’s how it helps:

#1 Enhances sales force engagement for higher sales conversions: In-store sales personnel can access short videos/tips/comparison charts to demonstrate how the product works or how it’s better than competitor products. This is especially useful in case of retail stores selling a wide array of electronics, grocery, or household items. Remembering every tiny detail about each product is nearly impossible for these sales agents. Microlearning solution helps them add greater value to the in-store customer experience through insightful customer conversations regarding various products. In the case of global brands, microlearning helps maintain consistency across stores by sharing in-store promotion strategies and sales best practices – without disrupting the flow of work.

A leading Kuwait-based electronics retail firm leverages a microlearning sales enablement platform to boost sales outcomes. It disseminates on-demand content as bite-sized visual rich training courses to avoid information overload. The result: 90% training uptake among sales associates, leading to higher conversions.

#2 Enables quick dissemination of information across functions and geographies: Communicating frequently changing product and policy updates to a geographically dispersed sales force can get complex and time consuming for companies. Leveraging a microlearning solution, it’s easy to disseminate nuggets of information - ranging from policies and procedures to employee offers, and more. A custom sales microlearning program can also help customize the information across geographies, thereby empowering the sales representatives to boost sales effectiveness, conversion, and productivity.

Portugal’s largest private company uses microlearning to improve communication with its people across functions such as design, operations, delivery and IT. Using a gamified microlearning sales enablement platform, the company delivers multi-lingual content across geographies, improving training access, engagement and adoption.

#3 Delivers on-the-field product information support and tracks training effectiveness: Field sales executives often need quick and easy to digest information that they can utilize to convert leads. Traditional LMS or assets such as presentations, emails and seminars do little to serve this purpose as on-the field sales representatives lack the time to digest the long form content. In such scenarios, sales microlearning modules comprising videos, tips, simulations or charts/graphs, etc. can empower the field salesforce to access relevant content on-demand, quickly and in the language they prefer.

A leading global pharmaceutical firm harnesses a microlearning sales enablement platform to deliver on-field product information support (based on geography, verticals, etc.) to its geographically dispersed sales workforce, significantly reducing training costs and boosting productivity.

Mindtree’s Shotclasses – A mobile-first, end-to-end microlearning solution for sales training reinforcement

Designed to improve, measure, and track learning outcomes, Shotclasses by Mindtree is a cloud-based, gamified microlearning solution for sales training and reinforcement. It helps learning admins deliver bite-sized content at the point and time of need. Leveraging Shotclasses, learning admins can create new microlearning content (did you know cards, quizzes, videos, modules, etc.), repurpose existing content, and integrate content from various sources. Its advanced open architecture technology, multi-lingual capability for nine languages, and in-built high secure authentication enables high availability, ease of use, and complete security – for safe access anytime, anywhere. Shotclasses is enterprises’ most preferred solution for boosting their sales effectiveness as it fulfills diverse training needs, enhances learners’ engagement, and helps businesses measure and optimize their learning approach.

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Mukund Setlur
Senior Product Manager Marketing

Mukund Setlur, is a B2B marketer with 15 years of experience. He has worked to market on multiple on technologies such as Collaboration, Cloud and Mainframe during his stints with IT brands such as Cisco, IBM and HP. He is currently with Mindtree’s PSG group on Gladius Connected Buildings, an IoT enabled platform that enables to companies to integrate their IT and OT systems to handle their dynamic facility management goals.

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