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We commonly run across customers that think Pardot is not built for their enterprise business and is better suited for small to middle-market businesses with marketing teams that are heavily focused on lead management. While this is still a great use case, I’m here to debunk the myth that Pardot is not suited for enterprise businesses.

Pardot’s functionality has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years, making it more fitting than ever for businesses that spread across the world, have a large number of divisions, and have multiple marketing teams supporting each division. Let’s discuss the Pardot features that can lend themselves to support an enterprise business:

Business Units:

This newly released feature is something that Pardot customers have been anxiously awaiting! Whether it is product lines or divisions, Pardot business units allow prospects and marketing assets to be separated so each team can focus on tailored and personalized messaging to their most important customers, while still having global visibility to their overall marketing efforts, using B2B Marketing Analytics.

HandleBars Merge Language (HML):

This feature is a Pardot break-through! Replacing the Pardot Merge Language (PML), this language is also used in Salesforce Lightning Templates and is much more flexible than Salesforce Merge Language (SML). HML allows Marketers to build more personalized, tailored content for their customers, including condition logic statements.

By using conditional logic statements, you will no longer need to worry about grammar mistakes that can occur when using personalization strings: Ex: Hope all is well, Sarah vs. Hope all is well, !

You can use also use HML to create more personalized call to actions using #if statements. For example, provide relevant contact information for prospects, and display a solid backup as a default.

More HML features are bound to come, allowing marketing teams to continue to add more complex personalization to their Pardot emails.

Read more about enabling and implementing HML within your Pardot instance, here.

Pardot’s connectivity with Salesforce CRM:

  • Connected Campaigns allows Sales to have full visibility to marketing campaigns and add valuable contacts or leads into an engagement journey at any time. This also allows marketing campaign metrics to be tracked in a single place for easy analysis.
  • Campaign Engagement History: This feature allows businesses to add Engagement History fields to contact and lead page layouts which enables both Marketing & Sales to have visibility into campaign performance.
  • Salesforce Engage: In the age of consumers wanting fully personalized and relevant messages, Salesforce Engage continues to provide this, all while bridging the gap between sales and marketing by allowing sales to use branded, marketing-approved email templates in Sales Cloud, Gmail and Outlook.
  • Pardot Einstein: New AI features
    • Einstein Behavior Scoring works behind the scenes to identify prospects who are displaying particular actions that lead to a purchase. Based on their engagement patterns (link clicks, form submissions, etc.), each prospect is given a score. The scores are based on the last 365 days, ranging from 1 to 100, and your leads and contacts are ranked against each other. This differs from the Pardot prospect score because this is static, while the Einstein scoring model is dynamic.
    • Einstein Lead Scoring uses data science to analyze historical marketing and sales data to determine whether a lead is ready to convert. This score continually updates as new data patterns are discovered.
    • Einstein Campaign Insights uses real-time insights to identify what is driving campaign performance. This allows marketers to optimize their campaigns and better understand their audiences.

Pardot Language Capabilities:

Does your enterprise team span across the globe? Pardot is now translated into French, German, or Spanish and allows for users to change their locale and language settings based on their preference. Note: If User Sync is enabled, Salesforce’s language settings will default for each user.

These are just some of the features that can help enterprise businesses succeed in their marketing efforts. Magnet360 is excited to see and be a part of where Pardot is headed next in the enterprise space.

Are you interested in learning more about what Pardot can do for your business? Reach out today!


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Amber Swansen
Marketing Consultant

Amber Swansen is a certified marketing consultant with over five years of marketing experience. She is passionate about using the power of the Salesforce platform to help marketers connect with their most important audiences. She is committed to helping customers unleash the full potential of their digital landscape, better understanding their audience through each step of their journey.

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