Attracting and developing the best talent is always an important area of focus for Mindtree, as we believe that our people are not only our greatest asset but also our biggest competitive advantage.

In fact, at Mindtree you are not a number, employee or resource – but a Mindtree Mind who will make a difference to our clients, community and company!

Every Mindtree Mind is special and so when you work at Mindtree, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • We work on very cool projects. What drives business today is technology and we are the technology arm for some of the worlds most recognized brands. Whether it is Agile, Digital, Testing, Analytics – you will be at the forefront of changing and shaping the market.
  • We are the perfect blend of a large company – far away from a startup and all of the associated challenges with a startup - but with the enormous upside since we are still a smaller player in our industry. So what we have is a much more nimble company where you can feel like you are making a difference and you are empowered to take decisions.
  • Working for a global company makes you more of a global citizen. The world is getting more globalized and this experience will dramatically increase your ability to understand how to work across cultures. And learning about new cultures is both rewarding and fascinating!
  • Careers grow best when companies are growing. Today we are among the fastest growing companies in our entire sector.

To make every Mindtree Mind’s work experience exciting and enriching here, we are always looking for new ways to further enhance our value proposition. To ensure a great experience at Mindtree, you will find many smart people management tools and practices.

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Homecoming – Careers for Mindtree Alumni

As a Mindtree Mind Alumni, you are well versed with our business domains, people practices and the Mindtree way of working which has helped grow our business and technologies. You have lived our values of Collaborative Spirit, Unrelenting Dedication and Expert Thinking. As a previously contributing member to our current success, we are keen to have you back with us. You may apply to any of the careers listed on our career portal by selecting the option "yes" against "Former Mindtree Mind" field. If you have any queries, please write to mentioning your MID, Full Name and query. We will contact you appropriately.

Campus Careers Articles

Your Career with Mindtree

Future of Learning

Change in Mindset

These are the best of times and the worst of times for the young Indian engineer entering the IT industry. Consolidating its stellar successes of the last couple of decades, the Indian IT industry has become an indispensable partner to the best companies in the world. Admired globally for its engineering and managerial acumen, it offers multiple options to build a rewarding and successful career.

However, there is another reality that the young Indian engineer needs to contend with. Many students possess good grades and get placed in dream jobs – but are weak in fundamentals and have poor engineering skills. Once they start work, they realize that bookish knowledge about swimming doesn’t really prepare you for the deep sea diving that is expected.

Campus Culture

Gen Y Impact on Delivery

Come Saturday, Vikas Sharma will be traveling to New Jersey to start on his next assignment. Vikas will be starting in his role as a technical lead for the exposure management system that Mindtree is building for a large financial services corporation.

We told Vikas about his new assignment a week back, and neither Vikas nor his project manager has any doubts that he will do a good job. Every week, we have projects starting in Mindtree, and like Vikas, every week, dozens of Mindtree minds start off on a new assignment.

Some of them could be joining a completely new project, where most of the team comes together in a matter of weeks. Everybody is new, but they need to rapidly get down to working together and developing the software. Others could be joining a long running project, where most of the team is in place and has been together for months. Here, it is the newcomer who needs to come upto speed with the more established team.

How is it that so many people manage to successfully integrate themselves into a new team? How is it that project teams repeatedly induct new team members without missing a beat?

GLC Graduate Portfolio

Many industries like interior architecture and creative design professionals carry their portfolio to express their professional credibility which speaks about their uniqueness in this world. Creativity, synthesis, math logic, inter-disciplinary engagements, end user experiences and mission critical endeavors are a reality in the IT industry. We want to create a Software Engineer’s Portfolio and make it the heart of our learning process. Introduce the concept of portfolio to our Campus graduates and let them express their professional credibility and uniqueness as then step into the professional world.

Portfolio should capture interesting work, capabilities, contributions, experiences, achievements, courses, hobbies, wishes and all that expresses the professional in us. Of course, one could argue that people have CV’s / Resumes. But CV’s are more like scores. It gives a one-dimensional view and don’t tell us much about a person or in effect their credibility. But, what is this “credibility”? Credibility is how others perceive our skill. It is a receiver based construct. It is definitely not static and is not the result of a single event. It’s neither the origin nor the destination; it’s a continuous process. Every learner must carry a portfolio of her lifelong learning journey.

Campus Careers Advisories

Mindtree Kalinga Campus Advisory

Mindtree Kalinga is our first residential campus spread across 20 acres of the most beautiful landscape in Bhubaneswar, India.The campus layout and functionality is inspired by natural landscape, local flora and fauna, community art and ancient Odisha architecture to provide a global workplace for the Mindtree Minds of the future. The campus hosts the Global Learning Center and the Social Center - uniquely designed residential accommodation blocks. The Mindtree Kalinga Campus is designed to accommodate 1000 learners to live and learn in a collaborative community. The Campus will also have a Delivery Centre which will accommodate over 4000 Mindtree Minds.

Bhubaneshwar Travel Advisory

Mindtree Kalinga Code of Conduct

Learning Advisory

The Global Learning Center in Mindtree Kalinga has been designed to create engineers of tomorrow. To work in the global, hyper-connected world of tomorrow where everything is touched by technology, an engineer will need very different mindset and capabilities. The transition from me to the world - my work, my organization, my customer, my industry, my society, my planet – will need to happen. What does this new world order look like and how can we create the engineer of tomorrow?

Talent Advisory, Disclaimer

Neither Mindtree nor any of its authorized recruitment agencies/partners charge any fee from talent (candidates) towards appearing for an interview or securing an employment. Candidates shall be solely responsible for verifying the credentials of any agency /consultant that claims to be working with Mindtree for recruitment. Please note that anyone who relies on the representations made by fraud employment agencies, does so at his/her own risk and Mindtree disclaims any liability in case of loss or damage suffered by you. If you encounter any suspicious advertisement, mail or person who offer jobs at Mindtree, please do let us know by contacting us on

LCA Notices

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