Bleisure is a Massive Trend and Untapped Opportunity

Leisure remains an integral part of business travel for most travelers. As a result, travel providers need to personalize relevant leisure offers and deals for business travelers.

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92% of respondents who travel for business purpose include leisure activities in their business trips.
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Customers in the 25-34 and 35-44 age groups contain the most business travelers, as compared to other age groups.

The Personalization Gap

Of those who receive travel offers, 31% of respondents report using them every time or most of the time.

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Of those who do not always use the offers that they receive, the most common reasons are that they don’t arrive at the right time (45% of respondents say so), that they expire before they can be used (35% respondents say so) or they dont offer enough value.
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Of those who receive offers from travel providers, only 23% rate them as excellent, when based on the traveler’s specified preferences, leaving a lot of scope to grow.

Willingness to pay a Premium with Increased Expectation from Personalization

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Respondents are willing to pay up to a fifth more to upgrade: 18% extra for flight updates, 21% extra for trains, 17% extra for rental cars, 18% extra for hotels.
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High income households and business travelers are willing to pay up to ~30% extra, while low income groups are also willing to pay up to 13% extra for better service.
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While 55% of those who only travel for business have paid a premium and would do so again, this drops down to just 8% among those who travel only for leisure.

Travel Behavior: Expectations and Ancillary Sales

With respondents willing to pay substantially more to upgrade to a better service, the majority (68%) have purchased extra offers proposed by the travel providers in the past. Most commonly purchased are cheaper hotel rates (37%) and cheaper transport options (36%).

Loyalty and Personalization are Linked

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About nine in ten (88%) of respondents agree that they are more loyal to a travel provider that offers them more relevant offers/deals personalized for them.
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More than three quarters (77%) of respondents have had a bad experience with a travel provider. As a result, over a quarter (27%) never booked with the travel provider again.
(74%) report that the travel provider tried to redeem themselves. A majority (85%) say that the attempts helped to restore their trust in the brand.

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About the Survey

In early 2018, Mindtree commissioned independent market research firm Vanson Bourne to interview 2000 adult travelers in the US. Respondents had to consume travel services of any airline, train operator, rental car service or hotel/vacation rental for business and/or leisure at least once a year, on average, in order to qualify for the survey. An even spread of responses were collected across gender, age and geographical location.

Survey Demographics

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51% female and 49% male.
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Respondent age ranged from 18 to 65+ with 25-54 year-olds making up 56% of the group.
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49% of respondents are employed full-time and 23% are employed part-time.
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is the average household income of respondents.
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The average respondent of this survey spent 9 nights in a hotel, rented a car 4 times, traveled by train 7 times, and flew 4 times on average, in a year.