SaaS Customer Onboarding

Partnering with ISVs to support seamless and on-time legacy-to-SaaS transformation and customer onboarding

Given the transition to SaaS models, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are looking to re-architect their customer’s on-premise products. But the process is complicated and long drawn. In addition, product features tend to degrade or get completely lost in the transition. In order to address these challenges, ISVs need to partner with system integrators to eliminate the real threat of losing their customers and losing market share.

A strong partnership can help quickly address:

1. Customize products and add new features for end-users 2. Align products with new SaaS-based subscription and metered billing models
3. Maintain multi-tenant environments 4. Migrate user workloads from existing on-prem implementations
5. On-board new end users

It can also ensure that customer transition is seamless and on-time.

Ready with the right building blocks

Mindtree, is ideally positioned to assist and partner with ISVs to support their customer’s SaaS journey. Our services are designed to reduce time to market, migrate/on-board customers and improve customer experience.

To do this, we use:
  • Our rapid SaaS Migration Platform that encompasses:
    • Application Operations Management (performance and availability, logging and diagnostics, role-based authorization, user management, tenant provisioning)
    • SaaS Commercial Management (licensing agreements, merchant processing, billing, usage metering, subscription set up)
    • SaaS Tenancy Management (notification, ticketing, feedback, reporting analytics, customization, configuration, tenant management)
ISVs - Mindtree Partnership | End-End Migration & Support

ISVs - Mindtree Partnership | End-End Migration & Support

  • Our tested seven-stage cloud migration framework that has been deployed for 4,000+ successful enterprise cloud migrations
  • Accelerators and tools for data migration and integration

These are the critical building blocks of our rapid and seamless SaaS customer on-boarding service. Using them, we partner with ISVs to support quick and flawless customer SaaSification.

Experience + Expertise = Ideal Partner

Mindtree’s has two decades of product engineering and sustenance expertise. In addition, we have extensive experience in onboarding customers to SaaS environments with ShotClasses, our homegrown SaaS product that provides a micro-learning platform to enterprises. This experience is backed by world-class quality engineering, test automation, performance testing, security testing and DevOps services, making us the ideal partner for SaaS transformations.


SaaS Customer Onboarding

Partnering with ISVs to accelerate SaaS transformation

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