Automated Client On-boarding Platform – A Key to Empower Banks & FIs

Restoring trust may be touted as the biggest test for global banks today, but it’s also the greatest opportunity for their competitors. From retail customers to high -net -worth investors and corporate clients alike, banking and investment management has entered a new competitive era where customer service and managing the customer experience are clear differentiators – crucial for success. As clients demand more in terms of customer experience, personalization and with competition so rife, it is important to capitalize on your ability to on -board clients in the most efficient and effective manner.

We at Mindtree help our clients differentiate customer service and facilitate Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance with local, national, and global regulations. Mindtree’s Automated Client On-boarding Platform provides the benefit of both out-of-the-box speed of implementation and customizable flexibility to suit your unique and ever changing business processes.

Mindtree’s Automated Client Onboarding Platform using RPA (Robotic process Automation) is a comprehensive onboarding solution. The platform will be able to capture and distribute data from/to multiple points and aims at uniform customer experience where data is gathered and verified across multiple channels enabling customers and third parties involved to be able to track the status real time. The platform hosts a centralized rule system and database repository making it much easier to perform customer risk profiling, subsequent unified view of customer in monitoring activities and the overall profiling. It provides configurable BPM and workflows where various processes of customer onboarding can run in parallel, thereby avoiding sequential flow and ensures elimination of manual and paper intensive processes to the maximum possible extent reducing on-boarding life cycle time.

Key business benefits envisaged

  • Accelerates order-to-cash flow by winning new clients, faster
  • Increases revenue by cross selling more, faster
  • Reduces operational costs by automating manual processes by about 20%
  • Decreases loss by reducing new client abandonment
  • Reduces churn by improving client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increases productivity by freeing up staff and management time by about 18%
  • Reduces risks of compromising the integrity and comprehensiveness of critical client data
  • Improves quality control by standardizing global best practices

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