Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) was created to prevent instability and systemic risk in the European financial system. As a result, European financial organizations must comply with regulations for risk and liquidity requirements, depository requirements and transparency enhancements. To meet these requirements, organizations must overcome both data management and reporting challenges—from gathering data from disparate sources and generating specific AIFMD codes and identifiers to mapping data elements to meet reporting obligations.

Mindtree works closely with financial organizations to mitigate the transparency challenges with a technology solution that streamlines the AIFMD reporting process. Our reporting solution helps organizations comply with legislation, data management and reporting at lower costs. Our AIFMD reporting solution drives the review and approval process for validating calculations, ensuring gaps are corrected and approving report content.

Mindtree experts extend the AIFMD solution’s benefits with:

  • Initial assessment of the AIFMD on organizations IT applications to identify gaps
  • Strong project management and controls
  • Pre-built, robust data model and rules for creating and exporting reports in XML format
  • Reduced costs due to reporting automation
  • Faster time to compliance

Mindtree’s AIFMD solution includes the following:

  • Impact Assessment: Our experts provide an initial assessment of the AIFMD’s impact on your organization’s IT applications to identify gaps and ensure compliance reporting capabilities.
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence: Mindtree’s AIFMD solution interfaces with data sources to populate the data model, which is the basis for report generation.
  • Application Enhancement: After assessing applications to identify gaps, we enhance existing applications to comply with AIFMD and meet data requirements.
  • Reporting Solution: We deliver a customizable, robust data model built for AIFMD reporting. We also provide a golden source of data to ensure reporting accuracy and data integrity. The solution includes services for report dissemination interfaces, a document management system for archiving, and an application for rendering and correcting reports.
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