Artificial Intelligence-based Facial Recognition

"Know your customer better” is the mantra in the current digital banking space wherein banks would like to recognize its customers well in advance with help of cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, Data analytics and artificial intelligence. Our solution has been developed to ensure personalized customer experience and by providing better product and services with the available portfolio details of customer on real time basis by the banks. There has been flexibility and configuration enabled with our solution which can be configured and deployed across the globe. Customer will have unique experience with this solution to ensure bank is able to know all the portfolio details in advance and can serve him better with rich customer experience and right product recommendation.

Facial recognition: Application of virtual reality in banking and financial service industry

Banks want to provide better customer experience with the help of cutting edge technology like Virtual Reality (VR). It’s important to recognize key customers well before they enter any of a bank’s branches for better servicing. Being able to recognize key customers and inform their client relationship manager well in advance will help banks to provide better products & service offerings, based on their portfolio relationship. Being able to analyse customers through facial recognition will help banks to serve and advise them better, so that important financial decisions can be taken.

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