Connected Banking: Backbase Implementation Partner


Mindtree has forged a partnership with Backbase to empower financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and help them compete in this digital-first world. Backbase provides the speed and flexibility to create and manage seamless customer experiences across devices, and delivers measurable business results.

Mindtree provide a variety of services for Backbase customers including Business Analysis, product configuration & Support, mobile development, UI/UX Architecture, Web Development, integration with legacy systems and testing.

Mindtree’s service catalog complementing Backbase:

Horizontal/peripheral support services (Technology)

  • Managed infrastructure services for Backbase platform
  • Implementation, enhancement and sustenance services backed by Agile
  • Open source test automation frameworks for faster time to market
  • Analytics as a service with data sciences accelerator
    Innovation lab Infrastructure for ideation and prototyping

Vertical/domain-based services (Business first)

  • Omni-channel assessments and benchmarking
  • Personalization accelerator for deeper customer engagement
  • Feasibility and development framework for an API-first approach
  • Chatbots for frontline customer service
  • Blockchain-based solutions
  • Mobile-based micro-learning platform for employee and client engagement

About Backbase Customer Experience Platform

The Backbase Customer Experience Platform (CXP) helps create rich, interactive web portals and mobile applications enabling deep and relevant management of customer experiences on any device.

Backbase CXP comes with a complete set of integrated customer experience management functions, including integrated content management, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing, intelligent forms-based dialogs, secure application integration, cross-device delivery, smart targeting, digital marketing tools, and integrated analytics. It also offers robust enterprise security and application integration that helps integrate existing systems and applications with ease, thereby enabling leverage of existing IT investments.

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