Legal Entity Identification

Managing risk is a primary concern for today’s financial institutions. Legal Entity Identification (LEI) is a cornerstone of the success of key financial regulations like EMIR, Dodd-Frank, Basel III, and others. An effective LEI solution enables organizations to more effectively measure and manage counterparty exposure while providing substantial operational efficiencies and customer service improvements to the industry.

Accurately identifying legal entities depends on the quality of client data sourced from third-party vendors. However, the lack of globally accepted legal entity identifiers has resulted in ineffective risk management, maintenance of multiple databases for client information and reference data, and increased costs and efforts to maintain client data quality. This lack of standardization also makes it difficult to map information across systems and identify areas for improvement.

At Mindtree, we work with financial organizations to manage interim LEI during compliance implementations like Dodd-Frank and EMIR. Our experts analyze LEI beyond its regulatory compliance capabilities so LEI can serve as a global reference identifier for data standardization and counterparty risk management across the globe.

Our LEI reference data management solution reduces costs to maintain compliance, measure and manage data and counterparty risk aggregation—and supports reference data acquisition, cleansing, storage, and delivery.

Mindtree extends the value of LEI in several ways, such as:

  • Enabling examination of legal entities in market and identification of hierarchies to facilitate risk detection and proactive mitigation, enhanced exposure management, effective counterparty risk management and one unified view across all counterparties
  • Centralizing data management tool streamlines data integration, reporting, data mining and an early warning system to enable better decisions and improve business process efficiency
  • Allowing LEI to apply business analytics to gain insights in risk and exposure management, future business planning and new product introductions

Mindtree’s LEI solution delivers the following:

  • Enterprise-wide data management and integration to create a single source of LEI data
  • Customizable IBM certified data model to accommodate required field values for LEI and counterparty data
  • Strong data stewardship application for data enhancement and streamlining duplicates or incorrect data
  • Detailed entity hierarchy management representation for counterparties
  • Customizable dashboards to ensure proactive data quality and profiling decisions
  • Expert assistance with entity identification and related exposure needs by combining Mindtree security reference data with corresponding corporate entities
  • Strong data governance layer to monitor access and modifications to core data entities
  • Access and reconcile current counterparty data and identifiers to the new global LEI
Mindtree’s end-to-end LEI services help financial organizations ensure compliance, reduce costs and extend the value of their LEI solution.

Mindtree’s end-to-end LEI services help financial organizations ensure compliance, reduce costs and extend the value of their LEI solution.

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