Omni-Channel Banking

Reinvent banking with Omni-Channel Experiences on Backbase

Reinvent banking with Omni-Channel Experiences

Mindtree’s Omni-Channel Assessment Framework helps you to prioritize key digital initiatives and investments in Omni-Channel Banking.

Mindtree’s Omni-Channel Assessment Framework provides an objective, third-party analysis and review of the Omni-Channel capabilities at your bank.

Benchmark your bank against the Omni-Channel capabilities of other financial institutions, as well as leading organizations in other industries.

With the results of your Omni-Channel Maturity Assessment, you can proceed with confidence in your strategic choices, benefitting from a clear view of where you stand relative to competitors.

    Mindtree - Omni-Channel Banking - Pie Chart

    The Omni-Channel customer experience spans:

    • Mobile, email, and online portals for self-service
    • Branch for in-person service
    • ATMs for automated service
    • Social Media, Group Video Chat, and Call Center for agent interactions
    • Cloud-based document repositories, automated decisioning, E-Signed documents and third-party services in the back office

    The Omni-Channel Assessment Framework includes:

    1. Omni-Channel Maturity Assessment
    2. Omni-Channel Recommendations
    3. Omni-Channel Roadmap
    Mindtree - Omni-Channel Banking - Consistent & Contextual Analysis
    Mindtree - Omni-Channel Banking - Always on Access

    Mindtree - Omni-Channel Banking - Digital Effectiveness
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