Corporate Action Processing using AI

Reduce risk, processing costs by 25-30%

Corporate Action (CA) has a direct influence on the share price and performance of publicly listed companies. Encompassing events like issue of stock, dividends, rights, mergers, acquisitions and more, it becomes imperative to ensure all CA processes are carried out meticulously and in an error-free manner.

CA lifecycle processes include announcements, generation of notification, calculation of eligibility and entitlements, sending instructions and generating accounting entries. Currently, a lot of the processing is done manually. Since most of the tasks are mundane and repetitive in nature, it leaves a lot of scope for human error—a grave risk to business.

Mindtree’s Financial Service offers an innovative technological solution for addressing inefficiencies while scrubbing and capturing the corporate action from the point of announcement. We use AI to read and scrub the document and create a golden copy of CA announcement in the client environment. Thus eliminating the need for manual processing of CA announcements. This frees up resources to manage more critical task and reducing cost by 25-30%.

The automation of CA processing is a textbook example of the synergies between process harmonization and technology innovation in financial services operations. Mindtree capabilities in the Capital Markets space combined with our best practices in implementing AI, form the cornerstone of this solution.

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