Implementation and Maintenance Services

Unified support for application and infrastructure

Mindtree’s Murex Implementation and Maintenance services cover the entire gamut - from Murex MXG2000, MX.3 and MX cloud application development, support, and End of Day (EOD) monitoring to the interface, MxML, GRID server setup, and infrastructure setup, maintenance, and training. Our services enable you to enhance scalability, reduce deployment costs and accelerate implementation time to market, using process automation, test automation, and predefined checklists.

Our services include:

  • Product and workflow configuration, interface development/maintenance and reporting services
  • Maintenance for multiple instances of a Murex installation
  • Guidance to development teams across production system changes that occur throughout the year, and timely initiation of change processes, value addition, and automation
  • Support for global users across zones providing business agility and high operational efficiency
  • Auto scalability solution for Murex application resources on cloud and maintenance automation
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