Murex Accelerators

Fast-Track ROI on Murex Using Proven Accelerators

Leveraging our decade-long experience in working with various versions of the Murex platforms, we have developed risk management solution accelerators that speed up time-to-market for trading systems, banks, financial institutions (FIs) and capital market firms. Our accelerators ensure faster, more efficient creation and rollout of new products and lines of business:

1. Scrutiny - SQL Analysis Automation

Scrutiny enables careful and detailed examination of reports - SQL files - in order to gather insights and generate reports for superior decision making.

During migration and merger, FIs typically employ extensive manual efforts during report analysis, leading to increased errors during the development phase. This, in turn, makes it difficult to enable agile builds, increase competitive advantage and lower costs.

Scrutiny not only provides accurate reporting but also offers improved operational efficiency for increased competitive advantage.

Business Impact

Boosts productivity and reduces manual intervention and costs

  • Enables 90% reduction in analysis time – from 30minutes down to 1 second by leveraging analysis unit
  • Accelerates time to development
  • Drives 20% reduction in annual cost and 80% reduction in analysis operational costs

Reduces risk of non-compliance

  • Eliminates the need for technical experts
  • Improves data management to achieve high levels of compliance
  • Enables 80% accuracy in prediction of breaks

Success Story

Client: Leading Japanese bank
Outcome: Lowered manual effort and costs by 75% to 80% during the analysis phase of the migration project

2. Mreports Diagnostics

Our Mreports Diagnostics tool helps analyze thousands of Mreport metadata exported as XML files and creates an easy to understand excel report.

Business Impact

  • Generates data dictionary for MReports
  • Analyzes MReports design and structure

Success Story

Client: Leading Australian and Singapore banks
Outcome: Saved 80% to 85% of efforts and cost in the analysis phase of their migration projects.

Log Monitoring Tool

Mindtree’s Log Monitoring Tool enables proactive monitoring of complex Murex End-of-Day (EOD) processes and triggers alerts to stakeholders on the status of various jobs. The tool helps cut down on the time delay between the occurrence of an issue and its resolution by the production support team and ensures that all business-critical processes are delivered on time.

Business Impact

  • Ensures on-time delivery of MXG2000, MX.3 EOD reports on a daily basis
  • Enables scheduled, time-based tracking of Murex logs to identify errors
  • Provides insights to ensure business continuity such as fixed and floating rates, expired trades, EOD accounting, position consolidations, market data validation, data population and reporting

Success Story

Client: Leading Japanese bank
Outcome: Reduced resource requirements by 70% using Mindtree’s technical expertise

3. Migration Execution Framework

The Migration Execution Framework captures industry best practices derived from Mindtree’s experience in executing large MXG2000, MX.3 migration projects. It impacts various streams within a migration project related to market data, interfaces and, testing and project management, by focusing on issues likely to be faced during migration and while using resolution mechanisms.

Business Impact

  • Ensures risk-free migration of Murex environments
  • Comprehensive coverage encompassing initiation, definition, technical upgrades, functional upgrades, testing and deployment

Success Story

Client: A global bank

Outcome: The bank’s manual and error-prone reconciliation process consumed more than 75% of the total effort in resolving multiple and ad-hoc break types. The Mindtree solution helped the bank achieve enhanced compliance and data management:

  • 95% accuracy in prediction of breaks
  • 75% reduction in investigation time

4. Deal Import Tool

Mindtree’s Deal Import Tool helps in the bulk import of trades into your MX.3 system in a non-interactive mode. Using the tool, the desired test data around trades can be populated into the MX.3 system for any testing activities in SIT/ UAT. The tool supports trade insertion across multiple asset classes without significant investment in COTS test automation tools.

Business Impact

  • Large-scale test trade data insertion into the system across various testing phases and objectives
  • Ability to use it as a ‘load’ generator during performance testing
  • Minimized effort to set up testing environments with valid test data
  • Test data insertion for test scenarios that have already been set up and fast tracks quality assurance

Success Story

Client: Leading Japanese, Singapore, and Malaysian banks
Outcome: Improved compliance through automated test data import

5. Testing Automation

The Test Automation Tool from Mindtree helps reduce testing timelines by automating manual testing procedures to reduce human error and effort. The tool automates test cases including trade insertion, events, portfolio simulation, processing script execution and others on MXG2000 and MX.3. It helps organizations safely and rapidly introduce error-free products and enhancements into the market.

Business Impact

  • Reduces manual effort involved in functional as well as regression testing
  • Automates testing of Murex GUI actions

Success Story

Client: Leading Malaysian bank

Outcome: Ability to tackle unbalanced data and improve alerts management using predictive analytics

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