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Leveraging agile software development is fundamental to driving competitive advantage in the digital world. Mindtree helps you reinvent your business software development environment by creating customer-centric products and accelerating time-to-market to:

  • Simplify trading compliance with proven solutions
  • Incorporate regulatory and compliance reporting into operational processes
  • Institute cross-business risk management best practices
  • Facilitate communication, coordination, and collaboration
  • Mitigate errors, missteps, and risk to meet tight release timelines

We offer an intuitive web-based Sales Distribution Solution with a unified single user interface, enabling Relationship Managers to manage trade execution on web browsers, including their handheld devices, using browsers. The outcome: enhanced ability to identify sales opportunities and confidently enter new markets/businesses.

The platform provides enhanced trading experience with the superior interface and easy-to-use application, supported by real-time data flows across trading systems. It is designed to integrate with multiple trading platforms, using APIs or web services.

Solution highlights

  • Chat-based trading interface for manual trades
  • Trading capability for multiple products – forex (FX spot, FX value today), bonds
  • 24x7 live RSS feeds and global support
  • User-friendly and insightful reporting capabilities for the trading data
  • Capabilities across price publishing service, pricing, trade capture, request for quote, RM/branch margin (maintained within trading system) management
  • Multiple Trading modes – panic, RFQ and normal
  • Admin functionalities to easily manage and maintain user and customer information as well as access levels
  • Audit and historical trade reports for compliance tracking and ease of decision making for trade booking

Success Story

Client: Leading Hong Kong bank
Outcome: Implemented Mindtree’s web-based Sales Distribution Platform delivering the following benefits.

  • Ensured customizable rates /currencies for individual clients based on trading volume, the client tier and so on
  • Increased trading volume and enabled smarter decision making even in volatile markets
  • Enabled trading for multiple products – forex, bonds, CLD and structured products
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