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Leveraging agile software development is fundamental to driving a competitive advantage in the digital world. Most financial institutions often depend on several disparate systems to manage financial assets like Forex, Bonds, Structured products, etc. Consequently, firms face high maintenance costs to achieve a full overview of positions. Especially on the front office side, where the wide-range of functional coverage spans from risk-based pricing and structuring to the real-time portfolio and profit & loss (P&L) analysis.

Mindtree’s Murex Digital solution helps reinvent your business software development environment by creating customer-centric products and accelerating time-to-market by enabling:

  • Simplified trading compliance with proven solutions.
  • Incorporation of regulatory and compliance reporting into operational processes.
  • Institution of best practices in cross-business risk management.
  • Facilitation of communication, coordination, and collaboration.
  • Mitigation of errors, missteps, and risk to meet tight release timelines.
  • Acceleration of business revolution and implementation of new profitability models.
  • Enhancement of the hedge effectiveness and Value at Risk (VaR).
  • Accurate analytics such as multi-curve calibration, collateral-based discounting and precise evaluations of contingent liabilities

Mindtree offers an intuitive web-based sales distribution solution with a unified single user interface, enabling relationship managers to manage trade execution on web browsers through desktops and their handheld devices. It leverages automated trading workflows, sales margin rules and organizes communication between traders, relationship managers, and clients.

The Murex digital platform provides enhanced trading experience with a superior interface and an easy-to-use application. This web-based trading platform is an interface with Murex supported by real-time data flows across trading systems. The Murex digital platform has been designed to integrate with multiple trading platforms, using APIs or web services.

Murex Digital Solution Highlights

  • Chat-based trading interface for manual trades.
  • Trading capability for multiple products – forex (FX spot, FX value today), bonds
  • 24x7x365 live RSS feeds and global support.
  • User-friendly and insightful reporting capabilities on trading data.
  • Capabilities across price publishing service, pricing, trade capture, request for quote (RFQ), relationship manager (RM)/branch margin (maintained within the trading system) management.
  • Multiple trading modes – Panic, Request for Quote (RFQ), and regular.
  • Admin functionalities to easily manage user and customer information as well as access levels.
  • Audit and historical trade reports for compliance tracking and ease of decision making for trade booking
  • Client can receive a live stream of spread quotes published by a pricing robot.
  • One click trade validation and automatic connection with the full value chain.

Success Story

Client: Leading bank in Hong Kong, offering a broad spectrum of financial services spanning wealth management, personal banking, wholesale banking as well as global markets and treasury solutions.

Solution: Implemented Mindtree’s web-based sales distribution platform delivering the following benefits:

  • Ensured customizable rates /currencies for individual clients based on trading volume, the client tier, and so on.
  • Increased trading volume
  • Enabled smarter decision making even in volatile markets.
  • Enabled trading for multiple products – forex, bonds, currency linked deposit (CLD), and structured products.

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