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Accelerate Consumer Intimacy

Brands are fiercely fighting stagnant revenues and market share coupled with margin pressures, competition from private labels, and flicker brand loyalty in digitally omniscient consumer. CPG industry is undergoing transformational changes to create new business models, optimized processes, innovative products and hyper personalized customer & consumer engagements at each touch point to drive growth at optimized costs.

Mindtree is “partner of choice” for consumer packaged goods (CPG) enterprises globally to reshape growth strategies and drive business transformation with digital as core. Leading global CPG companies rely on our “digital DNA” to drive innovation across their entire value chain. We are helping CPG enterprise to:

Reimagine the Consumer Journey and Intimacy: Create integrated digital engagement programs with a 360 degree view of consumer, shaping news models for direct to consumer initiatives, and focusing on insight driven hyper personalization

Continuously Innovate: Anticipate the digital future and jointly imagining new business models and growth enablers to continuously create new differentiations

Create Superior Channel Collaboration: Driving seamless data driven collaboration models with distributors and retailers with market specific strategies

Transform at the Core: Transforming the core enterprise systems to drive enterprise agility and deliver on growth promises

Become Lean and Nimble: Helping organizations run efficiently, deliver high flexibility & availability, cost optimizations to fund growth and faster time to market

Werner Graf, Global Head of CPG at Mindtree, shares the industry trends that are impacting Consumer Goods in 2019. Watch the full interview with Mark Iorio on RVNTV, Rainmakers Roundup.

Why Brands Are NOT Dead
The CPG industry continues to evolve as the Gen Z buying wave enters the market. Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers are now shifting to connect directly to consumers through digital channels. Consumer choices are now exponential compared to the brick and mortar experience of the past. Brands that remain authentic and share a common cause with their consumers are gaining loyalty in the modern omnichannel market. Mindtree is instrumental in helping brands leverage technology to capture the mind of today’s consumer and engage at every touchpoint along the buying journey. Hear more about the trends that are shaping the CPG industry on this episode of Rainmakers Roundup with Werner Graf, Global Head of CPG at Mindtree.


Mindtree’s CPG solutions have delivered path breaking outcomes with quantifiable benefits

Mindtree case study featured in ISG’s top 25 Digital Transformations - 2019

Mindtree helps a CPG major deliver incremental sales and a 5% rise in achievement rates for target recommendations

ISG has published Digital Excellence: 25 Winning Partnerships, an e-book that profiles the best examples of digital transformation success. Included in the e-book is the case study outlining how Mindtree helped a CPG major in assortment optimization and equipped the sales teams with a powerful tool using artificial intelligence.

White Paper

How to get a generous slice of the e-commerce pie

The secret is out. CPG organizations can’t ignore e-commerce. But here is the real secret that few will admit to: just launching an e-commerce site doesn’t mean you are done and dusted. You need to think about an e-commerce strategy for a digital world.

Transformation in Action

German sports apparel manufacturer improves y-o-y productivity by 10% with LEAN-based AMS support

  • Support and maintenance of 18+ business apps across 40 countries, 3 businesses and 50,000 employees through automation of batch processes
  • Management of 8,000+ end users, 1,250+ monthly tickets
  • LEAN-based ERP support via Atlas framework
  • Automation of business processes

Explore how you can leverage our LEAN practices to increase productivity

Success Stories



Ignite software design with high-octane agile development

Agile software development has quickly proven its value in delivering high-quality applications that meet customer needs. Mindtree agile developers produce superior code that is easier to maintain, adapt and extend. Our agile development practices such as frequent deliveries, continuous integration, and build, deployment, and test automation reduce risk and rework.

While adopting agile design principles is essential, the transition is not always easy. Successful agile adoption means changing entrenched cultural patterns and processes—there is no “one size fits all” approach. We can guide you through the transformation.

Application Development and Maintenance

Eliminate downtime and maximize benefits of critical applications

In today’s 24/7 business environment, application failure or unexpected downtime can frustrate end users and devastate your bottom line.

Mindtree manages mission-critical applications for some of the world’s most successful companies. We work with you to understand your business and devise customized solutions maximize application availability, agility and predictability. The result? Lower costs, less risk, greater ROI and support for your long-term business objectives.


Gain and retain customers with dynamic cloud portals

The cloud harnesses the power of information access—from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

With Mindtree, financial companies create dynamic portals that meet and even anticipate customer convenience demands. Our service tools collect and analyze the kind of customer data that leads to cross-sales and up-sell opportunities. Our cloud services can jump start your digital presence by:

  • Customizing the user experience to target high-value customers
  • Strengthening your brand with unique services and capabilities
  • Leveraging analytics to promote continuous improvement

Data Analytics

Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights

Big data unlocks hidden opportunities and insights. Mindtree turns technology into business outcomes by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solutions under one umbrella.

Digital Marketing

Stay current with digital innovations

The migration of consumers from traditional to digital media brings with it a major shift in technology spending. To succeed, you need to build deeper consumer engagement through a superior digital experience. Mindtree has shown Fortune 1000 CPG companies how to:

  • Bring new digital assets to market quickly and cost-effectively
  • Reduce your exposure to risk and protect brand equity and reputation
  • Integrate digital marketing workflow by de-coupling technical execution from creative services


Streamline for faster, more accurate decision-making

Business Process Management technologies streamline claims, underwriting, billing and customer service processes. They also improve transparency for quicker, more accurate decision-making. Using our consulting-led approach and insurance expertise, we implement the best system integration solutions for your business.

Mindtree BPM services:

  • Improve policy generation process and documentation
  • Integrate technology and automate tasks for continuous improvement
  • Develop processes that focus on customer engagement and needs resolution

Infrastructure Management Services

Optimize performance and availability, quickly remediate issues

Tight budgets force IT managers to make tough choices. Do you spend staff time on time-consuming helpdesk, troubleshooting and remediation? Or do you use those resources to develop tools and services that advance your business initiatives?

Mindtree services saved a leading service provider 40% in their annual support and maintenance costs, and increased a hotel management firm’s business transactions by 30%. Put us to work to tackle your IT challenges.

IT Strategy and Consulting

Define, design and execute IT strategies that drive business growth

Mobility. Cloud computing. Big data. They have radically changed the business landscape. To quickly turn these advances into competitive advantages, you need an IT consulting partner with innovative solutions, well-defined strategies and deep domain expertise.

Mindtree consultants define, design and execute strategies that drive your business growth, reduce costs and create new revenue streams. We take a “big picture” approach, working with you to learn your business goals, IT environment, skill requirements and policies.

Salesforce Automation

Improve sales with rich mobility solutions

Real-time information on promotions, inventory and customer data empowers your salesforce to validate retail execution, judge the effectiveness of promotions, and gain market insights.

Mindtree collaborates with the world’s largest CPG enterprises to deliver insight-rich mobility solutions.

Our sales force solutions help CPG companies:

  • Reduce response time to customers
  • Improve salesforce effectiveness with dynamic sales planning
  • Provide mobile access to real-time sales information and enterprise applications
  • Access reports on sales team performance, promotion usage, and other key performance indicators

Test Engineering

Faster testing delivers applications to market quicker

A strategic approach to testing gets products to market faster. A thoughtful approach factors in quality, automation and predictability.

Mindtree independent testing services ensure your products and applications are ready by deadline and meet customer expectations. Our strategic approach anticipates and manages risks to deliver defect-free products for a quantifiable ROI.

Trade Promotion Management

Streamline trade promotion planning, execution and analysis

Trade promotions drive market leadership and growth, making them one of the largest items on your profit and loss statement. Effective campaigns can enhance brand stickiness and outsmart competitors on retail shelves.

Mindtree understands trade promotions from both the retailer and consumer perspectives and offers proven technology and business solutions that increase promotion effectiveness. This includes creating tools that streamline trade promotion planning, execution and analysis.

Customer Relationship Management

Increase the business value of your CRM

Sales teams need easy access to customer relationship management (CRM) systems from mobile devices to make critical business decisions on the go.

Mindtree helps CPG companies integrate CRM with other new technologies to accelerate decision-making, increase productivity and enhance customer service. We help you:

  • Implement and roll out a CRM solution
  • Conduct independent testing
  • Develop and integrate business intelligence applications
  • Perform technical upgrades

Supply Chain Management

Promote seamless operations across the supply chain

An efficient supply chain supports your brand presence by filling retail shelves with just-in-time inventory.

Mindtree works closely with CPG enterprises to improve operations across their supply chain. We leverage the experience of our people, technology, processes and infrastructure to produce results that you can rely on.

Distribution Management

Grow distributor revenues, margins and market share

As one of your largest sales channels, distributors play a critical role in revenue, margin and market share. You can help distributors improve their operations, inventory and sales, and in the process, react quicker to changes in raw material costs, availability and consumer preferences.

Mindtree’s distribution management solutions use mobility, business intelligence, automation and analytics to address all areas of your business, including:

  • Monitoring market needs in real time to develop new products faster
  • Pricing goods competitively to attract more consumer interest


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