Optimize Trade Spend ROI, Assortments and Supply Chain with Advanced Analytics

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is on the verge of massive global growth. But capturing these new dollars will be a complex undertaking. It will not come merely from geographical expansion. With intense competition and new ways of doing business, CPG companies will need to use data and analytics in new ways to reach the right consumers with the right products at the right time.

Doing so will require a deep understanding of the markets at a very granular level. Given that each growth market is actually comprised of many unique micro-markets, identifying the right assortments and promotions requires a comprehensive understanding based on many sources of data, both internal and external, offline and online, coming in batches and in real-time.

What’s needed is a Demand Signal Repository with Analytical and visualization capabilities. Likewise, evaluating the right promotions mix, sales lift and ROI for promotional tactics requires a rare mix of data warehousing skills, business problem and data intimacy, and analytical tools and experience.

CPG companies will have to invest in best-in-class solutions to digitize their value chain and build sense and respond systems for:

  • Computing true incremental ROI with visualization and data write-back capability.

  • Improving On-Shelf Availability and reduce Merchandising Voids.

  • Capturing retailer Point of Sale (POS) data, consumption panel data, competitive data from IRI and AC Nielsen, Ecommerce data, weather data, social data, and so on.

  • Visualizing data designed for CPG business users.

To solve the growth puzzle for CPG organizations, Mindtree has a comprehensive set of powerful solutions

cpg posmart

A Demand Signal Repository (DSR) that captures a wide range of data, including point-of-sale (POS), consumption panel, competitive data from IRI and Nielsen, ecommerce, weather, social and other data points.

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cpg trade smart

A post-promotion automation and analysis that helps maximize promotion investments across components such as price, merchandising, in-store promotion, compliance and more.

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CPG promo pro

A ready-to-use event analytics tool that provides a standardized method to manage and fine-tune event alignment workflows, override allocations, and provide reporting and analysis for all promotional activities.

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cpg capture

A next-generation analytics platform that uses predictive modeling to help sell the right assortments and quantities at every store.

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