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End – End partner for product evolution, execution, innovation and sustenance

Create new products, rejuvenate and support mature products with an experienced partner

Support for product inception, customization, transformation and resurrection across Customer and Enterprise software.

The shift from on-premises to SaaS has opened a new window of opportunities for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). They can reinvent products and exploit new business models quickly. But even ISVs who have successfully transitioned to SaaS find it difficult to balance legacy products with new age systems. It is challenging to ensure organizational skills keep pace with changing technology, drive costs down, improve quality and accelerate time-to-market.

Mindtree helps address these challenges by combining its global experience of working with ISVs across industry verticals with its technology expertise to support creation of industry-leading products. Using our innovation capabilities, clients are able to conceptualize, transform, test, customize and release products along with end-to-end services to manage product support, sustenance and growth.

How we do it

To support ISVs realize their vision for tomorrow’s products, Mindtree has developed a comprehensive set of services. These are designed to provide on-demand capacity and agility:

  • New product development with a focus on Service Oriented Architecture and cloud-based multi-tenant operations
  • Re-architecting and re-inventing legacy products to next-gen technology stacks, encompassing legacy platform assessment, transformation roadmaps, change management and end-of-life support for legacy platforms
  • Cloud Migration for products designed for on-prem that are required to be refactored for a cloud-based SaaS model (or for direct lift and shift to cloud) – this service includes migrating user data from existing products to new products
  • Quality Engineering integrated with development for product verification & validation helping clients reduce time to market – using automation, specialized test services, tools, accelerators and proven KPIs ( Link to QA page)
  • Product Sustenance and Support that free client resources by taking ownership of break-fix, minor product enhancements, quality issues, SLA-based L1 and L2 customer support, platform migration and product marketing
  • Product Lifecycle Automation, DevOps and Platform-as-a-Service to eliminate bottlenecks in agile development – resulting in lowered defects, continuous delivery and improved release velocity – aided by our DevOps tool chain integration, environment provisioning and monitoring, Agile testing, release management and production monitoring
  • Customer Success and Advanced Troubleshooting to analyze and anticipate customer needs, resolve issues (using scalable, user-friendly, context-specific self-help), improve CSAT, retain customers and cross-sell/upsell through timely recommendations to customer success managers, the product development and professional services teams – the fundamental goal being to extend the life time value (LTV) of a customer
  • Professional Services that span customer onboarding, service provisioning, cloud-based service monitoring/ availability and product operations management with L1 and L2 support

Why Mindtree

Mindtree has 18 years of product engineering experience. We have digital in our DNA. Our industry partnerships, 4,000+ experts and 10+ solutions and IPs such as CAPE have helped 30+ ISVs rapidly adapt and set technology benchmarks.

Our capabilities have been recognized by independent analysts. This includes Zinnov placing us in the leadership zone for Enterprise & Consumer software, and Forrester calling us out as a Leader in Continuous Testing

Our proven excellence in addressing the needs of ISVs has resulted in:

IT Services

Data & Analytics Services

Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights

Big data unlocks hidden opportunities and insights. Mindtree turns technology into business outcomes by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solutions under one umbrella.

Cloud Services

Digital transformation with a cloud-first approach

Mindtree delivers a holistic approach to cloud transformation that accelerates a company’s move to digital business. From cloud advisory to cloud build, from cloud migration to cloud management, we can be your anchor partner.

B2B Customer Success

Enhance customer life time value in the new SaaS environment

Given the changing business models, B2B organizations know that Customer Success is critical to extending customer lifetime value (LTV). It also reduces churn and promotes new customer acquisition. B2B organizations like Datacom companies, ISVs, smart device manufacturers and network equipment providers have therefore begun to invest in Customer Success.

New User Experience

Solve device complexity with simple design solutions for enhanced digital customer experience

Today’s consumers expect a consistent user experience across every device they own. To develop a unified, friendly design, you need experts who understand your audience and can design an easy-to-use interface with cross-platform consistency to improve the overall digital customer experience

Portals and Collaboration

Harness the potential of content with digital portal solutions

Technological advancements and Internet trends are transforming enterprise web portals. More collaborative, socially interactive and experience driven, they empower users to harness the potential of content and data.

Digital Marketing

Drive customer growth with digital marketing services

Winning customers in today’s marketplace requires more than a digital brand presence. You need personalized offerings, seamless navigation and real-time engagement across all channels. Winning companies prioritize and activate digital marketing solutions and extract maximum value from the data they collect every day.

Digital Commerce

Enable personalized customer experience through digital commerce

Digital commerce enables personalized experiences to help business win and retain customers. But to satisfy buyers, tightly integrated channels must deliver a consistent brand experience with targeted messages for each step in their buying journey.

Infrastructure Maintenance Services

Optimize IT infrastructure availability and performance for increased business agility

Is your IT Infrastructure team engaged only in attending to time-consuming helpdesk calls, troubleshooting and remediation instead of driving business outcomes?


Create, connect and orchestrate Digital components on-the-go with DevOps

The digital tidal wave has spurred a sea change in terms of bringing development and operations out of their siloes and into alignment with the rest of the organization. DevOps, a close companion to Agile, is one of the keys to making IT a relevant partner for improving business agility.

Application Maintenance Services

Enhance stability, lower support costs and reduce total cost of ownership

You spend time and money maintaining applications that will maximize efficiency, minimize downtime and allow you to respond quicker to the needs of your business

Enterprise Software

Mindtree enables Digital Personalization utilizing the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Mindtree's investments in delivering best-of-class, Microsoft Azure-based solutions, combined with key wins involving such workloads as Digital Marketing on Azure, Azure IOT Suite, Open Source on Azure and Analytics on Azure, validates Microsoft’s choice in naming Mindtree "Top Emerging Global Azure Partner" for 2015.

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