Enterprise Technology

Enabling Technology companies to outperform competition as they transition to SaaS and Cloud.

High Tech companies are transforming at a rapid pace. This change is enabled by embracing emerging technologies, fast-paced innovation, accelerated product and services development, differentiated business models and going digital till the last mile to become part of cloud ecosystem.

Software Defined Everything (SDx) and Data driven Everything are redefining high tech products & services. By making use of new technologies that bring about a vast degree of automation, they help create an integrated technology infrastructure that can be holistically managed. Consequently, there is adoption of approaches such as Software-as-a Service, Product-as-a-Service, Software Defined Data Centers, Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Chips, and Model based Product Development.

High Tech companies focusing on enterprise software or networking or hardware must be continuously alert and aware of the ecosystem changes. It warrants working with a relevant partner to navigate through the maze of new technologies and processes so that they can stay focused on their core purpose.

Mindtree delivers digital transformation and technology services from product ideation to execution to sustenance, ML and AI based product support, cloud operations and professional services, data and analytics driven customer success enabling Technology clients to outperform the competition. “Born digital,” Mindtree takes an agile, collaborative approach to creating customized solutions across the digital value chain including the entire Cloud infrastructure economy.

Enterprise Software

Create new products, rejuvenate and support mature products with an experienced partner

Software Defined Everything

Retaining competitive advantage by redefining how technology is developed and maintained

Transformation in Action

Telecommunications and IT service provider achieves 30% cost savings with remote infrastructure management for 14 data centers and 300 enterprises

  • Aggressive knowledge acquisition in 8 weeks and 24X7 monitoring and infrastructure operational support through Global Service Delivery Model (GSDM) 3.0 framework
  • Run books prepared in less than 3 months
  • Mindtree managed 14 datacenters, 25000+ network devices, 600,000+ end points and provided managed security services across firewalls, IPs and IDS devices

Explore how your enterprise can leverage our infrastructure services to achieve cost savings

With Client-focused Culture, Mindtree Prepares For ‘Beyond Digital’

A research created by ISG Insights™ talks about how Mindtree continues its growth trajectory to become a digital transformation leader with a consulting, technology and automation-led approach and a strong customer-centric culture. The report recognizes Mindtree as a company that is investing, building and nurturing a learning-based culture to develop the most relevant skills in the “beyond digital” age.


Reliability Engineering & Management
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Customer Onboarding - Cloud
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B2B Customer Success
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Product Sustenance
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Success Stories - A Snapshot

Software Defined Everything

Customer experience management to support end to end development and deployment of products for a leading telecommunications, IT and consumer electronics company.

Software Defined Architecture

Building & operation of an Azure IaaS cloud to provide 99.95% service availability for a CSP in Australia & India.

Software Defined Networking

Full ownership of end-to-end Quality Assurance and Deployment of network management services product across the globe for most of the Tier-1 Service Providers
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