Software Defined Everything

Mindtree's Software Defined Everything is an all-encompassing, technology first approach to your technology stack

Software Defined Everything

As organizations look for more cost-effective and agile ways to deliver IT services to users, Software-Defined Everything has emerged as a panacea. There are two key drivers behind Software-Defined Everything – lowered costs due to increased efficiency of the data centers and agility in responding to business needs.

Software-Defined Architecture helps in reshaping IT by adopting Agile methodologies to fuel experimentation and prototyping, create disciplines around architecture and design, and embrace DevOps. This, in turn, generates new revenue streams and focuses on service availability rather than mere provisioning.

Software-Defined everything encompasses the entire technology stack—compute, network, storage, and security layers. Enterprises can now deploy Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Software-Defined Networking Security and Software-Defined Storage (SDS), among other technologies. With these, enterprises have an opportunity to elevate infrastructure investments from expensive plumbing to competitive differentiators.

Mindtree’s Software-Defined Everything (SDx) service offerings not only facilitate clients to move from rigid capex models to flexible opex models but also help create a foundation for new initiatives around Cloud, Digital & Analytics. It includes not just Software-Defined Networking, but also Software-Defined Compute, Storage, Security, Data Center and WAN.


Product Sustenance
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Reliability Engineering & Management
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Customer Onboarding - Cloud
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B2B Customer Success
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Success Stories - A Snapshot

Software Defined Everything

Customer experience management to support end to end development and deployment of products for a leading telecommunications, IT and consumer electronics company.

Software Defined Architecture

Building & operation of an Azure IaaS cloud to provide 99.95% service availability for a CSP in Australia & India.

Software Defined Networking

Full ownership of end-to-end Quality Assurance and Deployment of network management services product across the globe for most of the Tier-1 Service Providers


Big Data & Analytics

Turn big data into intelligence and actionable insights

Big data unlocks hidden opportunities and insights. Mindtree turns technology into business outcomes by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solutions under one umbrella.


Gain and retain customers with dynamic cloud portals

The cloud harnesses the power of information access—from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

With Mindtree, financial companies create dynamic portals that meet and even anticipate customer convenience demands. Our service tools collect and analyze the kind of customer data that leads to cross-sales and up-sell opportunities. Our cloud services can jump start your digital presence by:

  • Customizing the user experience to target high-value customers
  • Strengthening your brand with unique services and capabilities
  • Leveraging analytics to promote continuous improvement

Engineering R&D

Convert vision into innovative, successful products

With new trends, technologies and rising consumer expectations, it’s quite a challenge for organizations to adapt to changes that make the difference between profitability and negative returns. Today,developers and manufacturers must anticipate market changes and shift quickly to meet the needs of the masses.

Mindtree’s engineering research and development services help transform your product vision into successful real-world designs through engineering expertise and ecosystem partnerships. Our solutions, accelerators, frameworks and proven building blocks reduce product risks and ensure faster time-to-market.

Enterprise Software


Streamline for faster, more accurate decision-making

Business Process Management technologies streamline claims, underwriting, billing and customer service processes. They also improve transparency for quicker, more accurate decision-making. Using our consulting-led approach and insurance expertise, we implement the best system integration solutions for your business.

Mindtree BPM services:

  • Improve policy generation process and documentation
  • Integrate technology and automate tasks for continuous improvement
  • Develop processes that focus on customer engagement and needs resolution

Infrastructure Management Services

Optimize performance and availability, quickly remediate issues

Tight budgets force IT managers to make tough choices. Do you spend staff time on time-consuming helpdesk, troubleshooting and remediation? Or do you use those resources to develop tools and services that advance your business initiatives?

Mindtree services saved a leading service provider 40% in their annual support and maintenance costs, and increased a hotel management firm’s business transactions by 30%. Put us to work to tackle your IT challenges.

Product Development & Maintenance (ADM)

Eliminate downtime and maximize benefits of critical applications

  • Product, Applications design & implementation
  • SDN Controller & applications engineering
  • Orchestration, configurations and Management layer engineering
  • Cloud Platform Engineering
  • SD-WAN engineering services
  • Product sustenance & support
    • L1/L2/L3 support
    • Legacy product ownership

Product Quality Engineering

Product Quality Engineering

  • Test automation and product V&V
  • Compliance Verification, Certification and compliance testing
  • Performance, Reliability, functional and non-functional testing
  • Threat management and network security testing

Professional Services and Customer Success

Create new products, rejuvenate and support mature products with an experienced partner

  • SI partnership and joint GTM
  • Product Ops, Cloud Ops
  • Benchmarking and Scale testing, Infrastructure Service provisioning, Lab Management & Support
  • Customer support, Advanced customer experience management and support
  • System integration, Migration & White labelled professional services
  • Product usage analytics & next best action recommendation
  • Advanced troubleshooting and context specific help implementation

Portals & Collaboration

Harnessing the potential of content with digital portal solutions

Technological advancements and internet trends are transforming enterprise web portals. More collaborative, socially interactive and experience driven, they empower users to harness the potential of content and data.

Mindtree digital portal development and collaboration services bring thought leadership and engineering expertise together to enable next-generation digital and social collaboration design.

Test Engineering

Independent Testing Services that goes beyond Functional Testing

In a connected world, where competitive advantage hangs on the end-user experience rather than on individual applications, traditional testing models lack relevance. Today’s Testing services need to ensure a seamless end-user experience and business process continuity across an expanded network of business applications, mobile devices, smart devices, media channels and development environments.

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