Creating an engaging insurance experience in a world of digital disruption by making the most of your data

Tim Mann, Chief Information Office - NFU Mutual, talks about the company's nine year-long fruitful partnership with Mindtree. Three words that he uses to describe Mindtree - trustworthy, earnest and understated. He talks about Mindtree's significant contribution in accelerating the rate of change in delivering new systems.

Mindtree helps insurance enterprises to become more customer-centric and digital-first organizations

Several digital transformation trends are converging to create completely new types of insurance organizations, products and services—all fueled by a constantly connected consumer who expects instant, personalized access, information and gratification.

To maintain competitive advantage by engaging customers, facilitating compliance and extracting business insights from your data, you need an IT partner with experience in technology as well as insurance.

Leveraging our born-digital expertise, Mindtree works to provide your evolving businesses with insurance solutions that make digital real and help you keep pace in a transforming industry.

We embrace cutting-edge insurance technologies, like automation and machine learning, to help you settle claims more efficiently, reduce fraud, turn into customer-centric and become a digital-first organization.

COVID-19 Impact on P&C Carriers

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact and resulting in completely unforeseen economic effects.The biggest winners so far are companies with digital products that can be purchased and serviced completely or mostly via the internet. This is increasingly likely to be the case for insurance, a product that is ideally suited for a completely digital operating model. Learn more about how P&C insurance carriers are impacted by COVID-19 and our initial view on how operations and IT need to respond to the "New Normal”.


Mindtree’s Insurance-in-a-Box solution
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Life and Annuities Quality Engineering
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Transform into a digital-first organization with a digital insurance framework
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Meet your customers where they are with conversational commerce
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Deliver a more humanized interaction with customer and producer servicing
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Reduce risk and loss exposure with Internet of Things (IoT) for risk management
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Enable better, faster decision making with an insurance analytics framework
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Intelligent Automation
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Insurance Churn Management
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Loss Inspection and Control System
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Policy Lifecycle Platform
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Ignite software design with high-octane agile development

Moving to agile software development has become essential. Mindtree reinvents your business software development environment by creating customer-centric products and accelerating time-to-market.

Our Agile superstars mentor you through reinvention by helping you:

  • Create organizational buy-in
  • Coach employees to embrace continuous change
  • Facilitate communication, coordination and collaboration
  • Mitigate errors, missteps and risk to meet tight release timelines

Data Analytics

Gain the insights you need to shape the future

Insurance is a data-intensive business. Mindtree business analytics consulting services protect data assets and help pull insights out of structured and unstructured data.

  • Business Intelligence services assess your business landscape and provide actionable advice
  • Enterprise data warehouse and maintenance services reduce risk and strengthen compliance
  • Advanced business intelligence and analytics services extract information that drives customer-centric business strategies

Application Development and Maintenance

Maximize application availability and value

Application failure and unexpected downtime have devastating effects in today’s 24/7 business environment.

Some of the world’s most successful companies use Mindtree to manage their mission-critical applications, ensuring around-the-clock up time. Our support experts use sophisticated tools to identify and solve issues before they affect users and disrupt operations. We also work with you to develop robust business applications that reduce costs, minimize risk, improve ROI, and support your long-term objectives.


Maximize the value of your cloud applications

Mindtree has extensive experience helping insurers smoothly transition to private, public and hybrid clouds to meet unique business needs and customer demands.

Discover the many business benefits of our cloud services:

  • Analyze and evaluate application and business models
  • Create a detailed roadmap for your transition to the cloud
  • Speed cloud migration with testing frameworks and accelerators
  • Manage end-to-end cloud performance testing
  • Maximize your investment and free your IT team for core business projects


Stay current with digital innovations

Social channels and technology advances have changed consumer expectations. Digital services must offer new ways to engage customers and transform business operations.

At Mindtree, digital is part of our DNA. Our insurance clients find we deliver measureable and lasting digital business benefits including:

  • Profiting from digital insurance solution re-engineering
  • Taking a quantum leap forward from legacy systems and processes
  • Leveraging data for a richer customer experience, more efficient workforce and faster time-to-market

Duck Creek

Mindtree – Your trusted Duck Creek partner

To gain a competitive edge in this fast-evolving insurance market, property and casualty (P&C) insurers need to roll out new products at a rapid pace and at optimum prices.

Together, Mindtree and Duck Creek help insurers of all sizes to transform their core systems.

With 160 Duck Creek deployments for 50 insurers under our belt, Mindtree has the resources, expertise and experience needed to successfully implement their comprehensive property and casualty insurance software suite.

Our Duck Creek support services include:

  • Advisory services that help identify the right technology solution, road map and plan for your policy, billing and claims platforms.
  • Implementation, integration and support services that help ensure smooth integration of policy administration, billing and claims platform without risks.
  • Quality assurance services including testing strategies, planning, development and execution of test cases and scripts, test automation and performance testing.
  • Ready pool of Duck Creek-certified specialists to build and implement value-added solutions


Streamline for faster, more accurate decision-making

Business Process Management technologies streamline claims, underwriting, billing and customer service processes. They also improve transparency for quicker, more accurate decision-making. Using our consulting-led approach and insurance expertise, we implement the best system integration solutions for your business.

Mindtree BPM services:

  • Improve policy generation process and documentation
  • Integrate technology and automate tasks for continuous improvement
  • Develop processes that focus on customer engagement and needs resolution

Infrastructure Management Services

Manage infrastructure and applications in one view

When users face IT challenges, they want them fixed quickly and permanently. To achieve optimal performance for your IT environment, you need a partner with industry-best infrastructure management services and an innovative end-to-end approach.

Mindtree offers the following services:

  • Remote enterprise management services that support devices and business applications
  • Consulting and implementation services that assess your current IT strategy
  • Enterprise security services that protect your digital assets
  • MWatch, our unique infrastructure management and operations platform that views and monitors applications, platforms and cloud components

Life Insurance

Bring new life to your enterprise

Improving agility and efficiency are vital to generating new business. Mindtree’s deep knowledge of technology integration promotes sustained innovation. We also hold AICPCU, CII and LOMA certificates, so are familiar with key industry trends and regulations.

Our services target specific Life insurance business needs.

  • Consulting Services reshape IT strategies to meet future demands and stay ahead of the competition
  • Product Development Services design and execute plans that drive business growth
  • Maintenance Services automate and offload tasks to reduce operational costs
  • Reporting and Data Analytics Services improve distribution and marketing efficiency, portfolio profitability, and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Property and Casualty

Increase P&C profitability and growth

Mindtree blends technology with business expertise to address digital insurance solutions across the value chain. We offer a full range of services:

Business and IT Consulting Services

  • Risk and exposure management for efficient underwriting
  • Multi-channel sales and distribution integration

Reporting and Data Analysis Services

  • Regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Data analytics

Product Development and Implementation Services

  • Customized frameworks for underwriting policy and claims software systems
  • Commercial off-the-shelf insurance software implementation
  • Insurance application development and maintenance
  • Modernization of legacy systems
  • Business-to-business and business-to-consumer portal development
  • End-to-end digital insurance solution testing
  • Green field policy system development

SAP Insurance

Launch Insurance Products Faster with Mindtree and SAP Insurance

Changing customer behavior. Mergers and acquisitions. New regulatory challenges.

Mindtree and SAP Insurance have worked together to create a next-generation insurance platform and implementation program that speeds to market new products and lines of business. The combination of an SAP Insurance Center of Excellence, accelerators to streamline performance, and Mindtree’s deep Insurance and SAP experience, we can reduce the time it takes to introduce a new product from 6 months to just 2 weeks

Independent Testing

Predict and manage risks with independent test services

To avoid system failures and downtime, you need a strategic application testing approach. At Mindtree, our processes and governance practices consistently deliver end-to-end, high-quality application and performance testing solutions.

Our advanced testing services tools and best practices:

  • Track and measure product and application performance
  • Ensure application data security and compliance
  • Improve test productivity and predictability
  • Meet product objectives, timelines and budgetary requirements


American insurance major achieves 17% TCO reduction annually with LEAN AMS implementation

Consolidated benefits of over $1.5M, 20% decreased effort through automation, and 10% client effort reduction with streamlined workflow

  • Led Organizational Change Management (OCM) across enterprise to help adopt LEAN
  • LEAN value stream mapping; Redesigned teams across 8 portfolios into 4 LEAN teams, aligned them with business skills and technology
  • Context switches identified at granular level, thereby reducing effort

Explore how your company can benefit from our LEAN practices

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