Conversational Commerce

Insurers and Intermediaries try to sell to customers through digital channels, BOTs provide a viable alternative to sell to them at a place where they spend most time i.e. messengers and social media channels. This provides an alternative to Mobile apps and need to compete with crowded Smart phone space. Mindtree’s conversational solution is capable of providing a premium estimate for both L&A and P&C LOBs with minimal number of inputs from the customer. Keeping humanized engagement as prime focus, our solution gives customer the freedom of changing any of the input at any point of time to get a more personalized premium estimate. The ability of our solution to support multi-channel including leading messengers and social media giants, we help insurers to reach huge mass of customers. Thus we help customers to get a premium estimate with their smartphones anytime anywhere and insurers to generate more leads.

Conversational Commerce for Life Insurance

This video shows a simple and convenient way of generating a premium estimate for a life insurance product through skype messenger.

Conversational Commerce for Personal Lines Insurance

This video shows a simple and convenient way of buying a Homeowners policy on DuckCreek using a conversational interface

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