Customer and Producer Servicing

Insurance has been an industry where personal engagement has always been considered core. With advent of digital, there has been a mixed approach - certain processes and lines of business have tended to more digital or non – personal engagement to address convenience and efficiency. Consumers also prefer to have a human assistance over digital channels to address policy servicing needs. Conversational technologies provide an interesting alternative by bringing in comparatively more personal approach to Digitization and with its adoption in policy servicing will provide relief to contact centers. Some of the early adopters claim a 20 – 30% reduction in call volumes due to BOT enabled servicing.

Mindtree’ s conversation solution caters servicing customers and intermediaries with policy related enquiries such as policy features, policy events, policy roles, benefits, etc. It is built around the concept of providing more humanized approach to the end users and hence it is enriched with features including ambiguity handling, context handling, proactive suggestions, human handoff and so on.

Customer and Producer Servicing for Life Insurance

This video demonstrates Mindtree’s solution that can handle frequently enquired queries with a humanized engagement.

Customer and Producer Servicing for Personal Lines Insurance

Given disruptive competition from technology companies that have entered Insurance business, there is constant pressure to compete with redefined cost models. Going Digital in Insurance is a balancing act between technology intervention and humanization of engagement. Mindtree’s conversational solution for claim notification is an attempt to re-imagine customer service by combining BOT and Human operations. This video demonstrates Mindtree’s solution for First Notice of Loss (FNOL) that can help customer to notify an auto claim through a social media messenger.

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