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Mindtree – Your trusted Platinum partner for Duck Creek implementation

To gain a competitive edge in this fast-evolving insurance market, Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers need to roll out new products at a rapid pace and at optimum prices. They need to facilitate faster and accurate claims processing, and of course, all of this has to be a superior digital experience supported across devices.

Right technology + effective implementation = success

Securing the right software, implemented by an experienced partner who combines a thorough understanding of business processes with industry best practices to conceive and execute value-added technology solutions is vital to succeed.

Together, Mindtree and Duck Creek help insurers of all sizes to transform their core systems.

With more than 200 Duck Creek deployments for 50+ insurers under the belt, Mindtree has the resources, expertise and experience needed to successfully implement their comprehensive property and casualty insurance software suite. Mindtree is a Duck Creek Platinum Partner and has been implementing and supporting the Duck Creek suite of software products since 2004.

Our people have become implementation specialists of Duck Creek software and have the bandwidth needed to successfully plan, design, deploy, test, maintain and support any of their technology components. We customize, implement and provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions to suit your every need. Our Duck Creek support services include:

  • Advisory services that help identify the right technology solution, road map and plan for your policy, billing, claims, data insights (including Data Hub, Business Analytics & Reporting), Distribution Management, Reinsurance Management, Underwriting Workbench
  • Digital engagement solutions leveraging agency/ custom portal and leveraging newer platform features like page builder; Implementation, integration and support services that help ensure smooth integration of policy administration, billing and claims platform without risks
  • Integration services with internal and external providers using Duck Creek Anywhere APIs/ Microservices, using Mindtree as well as Duck Creek accelerators
  • Quality assurance services including testing strategies, planning, development and execution of test cases and scripts, test automation and performance testing
  • Integrate core insurance platform with ancillary systems like Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, internal data warehouse
  • Ready pool of Duck Creek-certified specialists to build and implement value-added solutions
  • Mindtree’s Duck Creek Center of Excellence (CoE) at Bhubaneshwar facilitates the design and development of proprietary accelerators that help in the rapid deployment and testing of products.

Engineering technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish

Insurance companies need to implement their core technologies relatively quickly. The next part is about getting into digital technology, analytics and customer experiences. Mindtree is born digital. We bring a lot of fantastic ideas and technologies to the insurance industry to make this industry digital.

Duck Creek and Mindtree Partnership

Duck Creek and Mindtree have a long-standing relationship since 2004. Mindtree has one of the largest Duck Creek practices in the world.

With deep experience in all facets of implementing, configuring, maintaining and reducing time to market, we are a System Integrator (SI) partner of choice.

Accelerating Duck Creek’s Time to Value using Agile Frameworks

View the on-demand webinar to gain valuable insights on driving value with out of the box capability, optimizing customization, accelerating DevOps and QE and leveraging tools and accelerators.

Mindtree has one of the largest Duck Creek practices in the world through a long-standing partnership. Together we have helped insurers of all sizes transform their core systems. Watch and listen to our expert speakers as they discuss how Mindtree’s Duck Creek Agile accelerators and GATE (Global Agile Teams for Enterprise) framework can help insurers to accelerate Duck Creek’s time-to-value.

Mindtree's Duck Creek Offerings

Migration and Upgrade Services

With more than 200 successful Duck Creek projects under our belt, Mindtree has the required resources, expertise and experience needed to provide effective and efficient migration and upgradation services. We provide Duck Creek upgradation services and migration of Duck Creek from On-Premises to On-Demand.

Duck Creek upgrades call for deep product expertise and skill. Our approach on the upgrade includes:

  • Thorough analysis of the existing Duck Creek system with a comprehensive upgrade assessment report and architecture assessment
  • Step by step upgrade plan
  • Test strategy to de-risk and streamline the upgrade process
  • Release plan and severity-based test exit criteria
  • Recommendation on DevOps pipeline implementation (if not already implemented)

Architecture assessment contains inputs on architectural changes that needs to be addressed beforehand, to upgrade and ensure peak performance of the platform. The typical issues observed during the upgrades are:

  • Modifications made directly in the Duck Creek core manuscripts may result in overwriting or lost changes
  • Inheritance with older manuscripts
  • New client manuscripts placed in base manuscripts directory instead of the carrier layer
  • Not following best practices to override the skins and out-of-the-box billing stored procedures

We use our Duck Creek upgrade services framework methodology to install the desired version and build custom components and interfaces as required by our clients.

Enforcing these best practices is even more important when migrating from on-premises to On-Demand, as not resolving the deviations from best practices will result in future non-upgradability in the DCOD environment. Mindtree’s migration methodology incorporates the needed governance to ensure that the client, Duck Creek On-Demand and Mindtree teams collaborate in resolving architectural deviations.

QA & TAC Solutions

Duck Creek Quality Assurance & Test Automation Center (TAC) Solutions

Duck Creek Test Automation Center (TAC) increases testing efficiency and enables faster product rollout by enabling users to easily create, edit and execute test scripts for Duck Creek web-based applications. Duck Creek Test Automation Center (TAC) supports a wide range of browser technologies and is designed for business users with limited technical knowledge to create high-quality automated test scripts.

Key Duck Creek Test Automation Center (TAC) implementation capabilities of Mindtree include:

  • Handling country/region-specific date format
  • Multiple scenario accommodation in a single script
  • Capturing dynamic quote/policy number
  • Result customization

With our deep Duck Creek expertise, our proprietary MindTest™ methodology and extensive experience with the Duck Creek Test Automation Center (TAC) tool, we provide tools, reusable assets, best practices and resources that result in reduced manual regression execution.

Mindtree helps address Duck Creek Test Automation Center (TAC) challenges across various Lines of Business (LOB) including Commercial Auto, Business Owners Policy, Workers Compensation, Home Owners Policy (HO3, HO4 and HO6) Excess Liability, Dwelling, Commercial Auto, and Personal Auto. We provide:

  • Duck Creek Test Automation Center (TAC) maintenance services, including updating/modifying/deleting existing scripts, providing support and service to upgrade platforms, and maintaining different regression cycles across LOBs, states and functionalities.
  • Duck Creek Test Automation Center (TAC) automation: Our experts analyze manual test scripts, identify reusable components, define scripting standards, and design and develop automated test scripts.
  • Our experts conduct rapid validation that expedites delivery of new or changed products from development to production. We deliver 50%-60% reduction in manual regression execution, easy accommodation of UI changes, rate revisions, ISO circular updates in script and unattended batch execution.

Global Training Center

Mindtree has one of the largest pools of Duck Creek professionals. In all, 85% of in-house specialists are industry-certified, with close to half being certified in Duck Creek software. We invest continuously in insurance and technology training, and certification programs for our workforce.

Kalinga, our global learning center located at Bhubaneshwar, is a great breeding ground for Duck Creek experts. At the center, teams learn from experienced practitioners who have gained expertise by working on real projects, demonstrating real capabilities and solving real problems. Every solution is a reflection of our mindset. Technology is learned in the context of a business problem. Solutions are debated with an eye on its impact to business and community of users. Crafted class room courses enable our Duck Creek professionals to hone their expertise in process flow, SOA, ACCORD, WEB Services, and expose them to live examples and case studies.


Mindtree has a large inventory of accelerators, integration technology and deep-seated processes suited for waterfall, agile and hybrid approaches. We have an extensive suite of unique accelerators that help deploy new products or upgrade existing ones in shorter time frames efficiently, and with decreased risk.

XactArch: A scalable architecture to efficiently and rapidly define and create multiple lines of business, products or geographies, backed by template-based best practices. XactArch also contains reference architecture, frequently used solutions and patterns for integrations.

XactAnalysis: A toolkit of reusable processes and templates for capturing, cataloging and documenting business objects, such as rules, rates, forms and transactions for different lines of business. A jump start out-of-the-box feature list for policy, billing and claims has been added to the support product backlog creation for agile implementations.

XactConnect: A proprietary, multi-point integration platform with out-of-the-box connections to a range of insurance industry data service providers such as LexisNexis, Pitney Bowes and ISO, Payment Gateways, SharePoint for Document Management.

XactData: A data migration framework for improving data integrity and quality when moving from legacy to new platforms.

XactTest: An automated functional and regression testing framework for core insurance systems.

Insurance BOT Library: Library of BOTs to support business processes in the insurance value chain. A renewal conversion framework using RPA, QA BOT for testing support the conversion of renewals from legacy to modern policy administration systems like Duck Creek.

Duck Creek AMS Tool kit: A set of tools that improve productivity of Duck Creek support production support teams. The kit includes tools like auto-correction framework for policy-billing imbalances, self-healing BOT for monitoring and automatically restarting services to minimize downtime of services, as well as minimize human intervention for service restoration.


An Overview of Mindtree's Duck Creek Capabilities

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