InspectMind is a cloud based SaaS Platform to carry out the underwriting and risk assessment for insurers, intermediaries and risk management companies. It is developed with configurable and flexible templates at its core. The web application can be accessed through a web browser on any device (built on Responsive web design ideology). It comes with a companion Native mobile applications for Mobile phones and tablets. Risk surveys can be conducted in online or offline modes and data can be synced seamlessly back and forth with the web application. It has adapters which can be used to integrate with core applications. Advanced reporting and visualizations make it a powerful tool for business users.

Our solution's value proposition:

  • Process automation and standardization
  • Minimize Risk Exposure
  • Improved collaboration, employee productivity
  • Business growth – by new inspection services and new line of business
  • Improved customer service

How to empower commercial Insurance underwriters through Digitization

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