Mindtree’s Insurance-in-a-Box solution

Preconfigured insurance solution on the cloud to fast-track your digital transformation

The widespread digital transformation sweeping across the P&C industry is forcing carriers to fundamentally change their business operations. Adopting new business models and building agility to respond to changing market dynamics and customer expectations are imperative to success. To achieve this, carriers must have access to core systems that are robust and well connected to the ecosystem. The systems must be flexible enough to grow and change on demand and have the ability to tap into new computing trends. They must also be able to easily adapt to technology advancements and accelerate updates to existing software. Replacement of core systems, when necessary, must be managed quickly and efficiently, without prolonged deployment schedules affecting business continuity.

Introducing Mindtree’s Insurance-in-a-Box

Mindtree’s Insurance-in-a-Box is a unique, preconfigured and fully integrated solution that helps insurance companies accelerate innovation in the cloud. It uses the Duck Creek on-Demand suite as the core system and combines it with other best of breed solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI. Deployed on Azure cloud, it provides an advanced insurance platform that not only supports existing business needs but also enables organizations to easily scale their digital transformation initiatives to the next level.

Pivoting to the cloud for a connected business environment

Insurance-in-a-box brings together Mindtree’s industry leading analytics, software, and support solutions on the Duck Creek platform. This comprehensive offering drives several benefits including:

  • Cost effective alternative to complex core system transformation
  • Single vendor, ready-for-deployment, bundled approach for faster time-to-market
  • Comprehensive cloud-based innovation and connectivity for small to mid-size insurance carriers
  • Accelerated approach to integrate and launch new lines of businesses
  • Ability to stay current through auto-updates of content and upgrades

Mindtree advantage with the Duck Creek platform

With Insurance-in-a-Box, Mindtree offers insurance carriers an integrated and customizable software and services suite covering all aspects of the business for greater agility, efficient business operations and cost advantage (see Figure 1). It provides the Mindtree advantage of proprietary tools for accelerated deployment as well as proven best practices for proactive management, governance and managed services delivery. Salient features of the offering include:

  • Pre-configured for core operations and ready-to-use integrations for faster rollout
  • Configurable to individual business needs and local market regulations
  • Personalized user experience for internal users, agents, brokers and the insured
  • Omni-channel triaging capability for incident management including mobile, chat-bots and voice-based support
  • Integrated data analytics and reporting interface for real-time analytics

Mindtree’s Insurance-in-a-Box

Figure 1: Mindtree’s Insurance-in-a-Box

Future proof your business with Insurance-in-a-Box

Insurance-in-a-Box encompasses pre-built, third-party integrations, deployment, hardware/software maintenance and upgrades, hosting and cloud operations, infrastructure, governance, and post deployment support services.

Key technical features of the agnostic solution include:

  • Integration with MS Dynamics for channel, lead and supplier management, producer on-boarding, BPM applications, CRM, workflow and case management functions.
  • Integration with Office 365 to support various business functions, including marketing & sales, billing & payments, claims management, customer service and channel management.
  • Custom modules built on Duck Creek platform for customer portal and distribution/ agent portal using My Account Portal accelerator and mobile apps
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint for document management
  • Access to Duck Creek Insights for reporting and analytics with additional accelerators from Mindtree for enhanced features and functions using MS Power BI
  • Ability to sync with Chatbots/Voicebots using Mindtree accelerator built on Microsoft BOT framework
  • Mindtree accelerators to integrate with a number of third-party data and service providers and payment gateways for straight through processing (STP) of policy underwriting, claims processing and billing functions

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