Intelligent Automation

As a business operations and IT executive of an insurance company, do you face the following questions?

  • Are you losing business because you are not responding faster to quote requests? Are your customers/agents not satisfied with the speed of response to service requests?
  • Were you caught off guard to meet the operational demands of a natural calamity?
  • Are your policyholders, agents and brokers expecting service beyond normal operational hours?
  • Are you keen to improve your operational efficiency?
  • Do you want your customer service staff to spend time on value adding engagements with the customer?
  • Are you running legacy systems that have significant manual processing?
  • Are you in the midst of a core transformation or a digital transformation, which is taking longer to deliver the desired business value?
  • Do you want to improve your employee satisfaction by giving them enriching work?

Mindtree’s Intelligent Automation for Insurance

Mindtree endeavors to provide answers to the above through its intelligent automation offering for insurance. Intelligent automation helps insurers optimize their business processes across the insurance value chain. It streamlines front and back office business processes for insurers. Intelligent automation brings together Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Conversational Solutions, Natural Language Processing, Character / Image Recognition Techniques, third-party data extraction and enrichment tools to bring in a holistic approach to automation.

It delivers the following benefits:

  • Speed of response
  • 24 * 7 availability
  • Increased productivity
  • Quality and consistency
  • Customer experience
  • Employee satisfaction

Mindtree’s intelligent automation offering is structured as follows:


Mindtree provides a structured approach to identify opportunities for automation across the value chain of insurance companies. This engagement involves Mindtree’s insurance business and automation consultants working together with the insurance company to define the vision, target process and business benefits, identify automation hotspots in current processes and draw a roadmap of the automation program.


While transformation programs involve organization change and adoption, automation programs are no different. It is important to deliver such programs in an Agile and incremental fashion, and prove the business benefits to the enterprise. Mindtree enables insurance companies to experiment on automation initiatives through pilots that comprise one or two business processes.


Mindtree has expertise in leading RPA tools and cutting-edge AI technologies, thus enabling insurance companies to successfully execute large-scale automation programs. Our delivery methodology follows the philosophy of ‘Think big, execute in small increments and take continuous feedback to ensure success.’

Art of possible using automation

Success stories

Mindtree Intelligent Automation Success Stories Infographic

Mindtree’s automation advisory and intelligent automation solutions have helped achieve operational efficiencies for insurers in the USA and ANZ geographies:

  • Improved accuracy, faster response and higher quality resulting in improved customer experience. Productivity increase of 100% and consistency in turnaround time irrespective of demand fluctuations achieved in debt collection process for a leading APAC general insurer.

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  • Reduction of renewal processing window, 90% manual effort diverted to bot and improved quality achieved in rollover of policies at renewal from legacy to next gen policy administration system for a leading North American commercial lines insurer

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  • Chatbot and Voice bot implementation led to contact center optimization, resulting in reduction of enquiry and service calls for a leading life, retirements & annuity provider in North America. 90% of chat conversations are handled by bots, resulting only in a 10% transfer rate.

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  • Productivity improvement of 200% realized by the Policy Servicing team of a leading APAC general insurer.

  • 30% of current manual effort diverted to other value adding activities, resulting in improved employee satisfaction - bot implemented to handle endorsements such as risk improvement, insured information updates, mortgage change, policy discounts, coverage exclusion/addition and additional party inclusion for a leading personal lines insurer

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Intelligent Automation - Brochure

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