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Life and annuity insurers are transforming their core and legacy applications and making significant investments in the latest technologies to reduce costs while improving operational efficiency. They are also launching new products to enable their business to enter new markets and meet customer expectations. These new-age applications and software enable the insurers to connect with their customers, increase the performance of their employees, and digitize their internal business operations.

Mindtree Test Engineering has been consistently helping its life insurance clients achieve ‘Quality @ Speed’ throughout the development stages by minimizing and reducing repetitive efforts using Mindtree’s accelerators and various automation technologies. Be it a legacy modernization or a digitization program, Mindtree’s deep domain expertise and its differentiated Test Engineering approach make it a preferred IT partner and testing advisor for leading insurers. Mindtree offers customized services for testing in life insurance based on products and processes, application landscape, as well as the type of technology initiative.

Some of the triggers that drive the need for life insurance testing include:

  • Modernization/migration of existing core systems including policy administration, claims management, and underwriting systems
  • Outsourcing of legacy books or closed books requiring consolidation from legacy to target systems
  • Shifting to a cutting-edge administration system to enable faster time to market
  • One time BAU enhancement in core systems and across the upstream and downstream applications due to new product rollouts, regulatory changes
  • Digitization of customer and intermediary interactions
  • Back office and front office automation initiatives

MITest – Life & Annuities Testing Framework

MITest testing framework for life & annuities is a business process and product model-driven testing approach built on the product components vs process matrix. This approach, cutting across all the business processes of all the major life & annuity products, ensures complete coverage of all test scenarios and cases. This comprehensive and quality repository is the outcome of Mindtree’s rich experience in the life insurance domain, blended with the knowledge of industry experts who are a part of the insurance practice. The test cases in the repository support both waterfall and the behaviour-driven testing (Gherkin) format, which is part of Agile methodology. The repository is further grouped into five suites to address the specific challenges of the life insurers.

  • Regression suite comprises of key business areas and functionalities which need to undergo regression for every upgrade of the life insurer ecosystem
  • Functional health checker suite consists of key functionalities, which need a continuous monitoring post-production release. For e.g., the quick quote process should be available 24*7 to ensure good customer experience and branding.
  • Omnichannel experience test suite addresses the challenge of quality assurance in an omnichannel ecosystem comprising of mobile apps, portals, conversational solutions, etc.
  • With the Data validation suite, you can make use of real-time data and assure high data quality across both internal and external life insurance systems.
  • Access and identity management suite comprises test scenarios to ensure the security of data as life insurers will be handling a lot of personal information like medical records, driving behaviour, etc.

Business Process Driven Testing

Mindtree assists in devising a testing strategy keeping in mind the nature of the transformation program and the business needs of the life insurer. Mindtree’s offering is distinguished by:

  • Domain expertise in life insurance (life, pension, and annuity)
  • Consultant and Business Analysts with expertise in end-to-end policy life cycle and an understanding of business priorities
  • Mindtree Minds with industry-standard certifications such as LOMA, CII, etc., in the life insurance domain
  • Test management tools and test automation frameworks that significantly reduce testing efforts
  • Exposure to COTS products such as ALIP (Accenture), AIA (DXC), and Salesforce CRM
  • Specialized testing practice supported by BAQA model and testers with expertise and experience in insurance application testing
  • Experience in testing of various complex SAP S/4HANA & Salesforce implementations covering end-to-end Business Process Testing across multiple connected systems and interfaces
  • Optimal Testing using Impact Based Testing (IBT) technique
  • Reuse of existing suite to enhance and build automated regression suite
  • Test Data Management and coordination with interface partners as ‘lead test provider’ for end-to-end test execution of critical business flows
  • Quality Gating to ensure appropriate test coverage in each phase. Change and release management process and testing signoff mechanism for all transport to the QA / Prod
  • Tracking and reporting QA effectiveness through tactical & strategic KPIs & Metrics
  • Improving test maturity across focus areas right from people skills, processes, tools, etc.

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Our experience across core functions and products in Life & Annuities

Our experience across core functions and products in Life & Annuities

Success Stories

For a leading US life insurance and retirement plan services provider,

  • Successful transition of 120+ applications catering to individual and group businesses (including customer and intermediary portals) within the planned timeframe of 9 months
  • Regression optimization reduced test suite by 65%
  • Achieved in sprint automation of 80% and increased regression automation coverage of 90%
  • 190+ services virtualized to reduce dependency on service availability during testing cycles
  • Established on-demand Test Data Management for Dev, QA, and business testers through a self-service portal
  • Leverage ‘Testing Gap Analyzer’ and ‘Regression Test Optimizer.’ BOTs for increased efficiency and coverage

For a leading UK composite insurer,

  • Process-centric application testing resulted in defect detection efficiency of 98% while saving ~25% effort during system and integration testing
  • Achieved ~55% automation coverage for Point of Sale application as part of life application testing

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